What do you think Hours look like?

What the title says.
ITT we share ideas about what we think calcified time actually looks like.

i always imagined them looking like tiny crystals

Something like ice. It would melt under Judgements gazes.

Feeling kinda dumb for imagining them as crates of hourglasses.

I don’t know, an hourglass seems like an appropriate vessel to keep hours in!

I’ve always imagined Hours looking a little like compressed tea bricks. There’s just something appealing about a group of high society types shaving off minutes into their teacups.

Because why not, just take a grater to it, put it in your tea, rub it right in your eyes
edited by Addis Rook on 3/30/2018

We got our answer in the Albion release. They look like gems but they can be woven? Oooo very intriguing.

To be more precise* they’re described as a fibrous, salt-like substance found inside geodes. So presumably the &quotgems&quot are those geodes, still holding the raw time.

*I may need to go through the tour again to double check this.

As of the albion update, this image has been added in lustrum

You know, because the Aeginae consume time I’m pretty sure Hours are their…excrement.