What do with Ridiculous Hat and Bottled Oblivion?

Im sorry if this is a particularly stupid question, but im fairly new still. Anyway, what is it good for? It seems to imply that it isnt a good idea in its own description. Just wondering what will happen if I put it on and get drunk. How is lowering stats a good thing?
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edited by Dapper Alec on 7/18/2014

Players use stat lowering items for many reasons. You can use it to access stories when you’ve passed the stat cap. You can increase your CP gain for grinds by raising the difficulty of stat challenges to chancy. This is especially useful when you’re transitioning to more difficult challenges, which start giving you menaces when you fail. This way you can continue to grind without penalties for failing a check. The ridiculous hat in particular becomes necessary in the late game to unlock Mahogany Hall, a high level Persuasive/Shadowy location.

Or you can just chug bottled oblivion to destroy all your stats for fun. It’s happened.

Alright, thank you, sounds like a plan.

dismally, you’re talking about the Talkative rattus faber, right? Using ridiculous hats/bottled oblivion is only useful for unlocking mahogany hall, lowering your stats permanently or an action or two otherwhere.

Yeah, I’m including the TRF in that group too. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

Yeah I picked up the rat, its been handy for leveling, easily doubled skill gains, skills only around 40 unaltered anyway so just spam impossibles. Not seen anything permanent stat drops will help with just yet, but ive only played like a week.
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Those are only good if you’ve skipped content that your levels block. They’re not very useful at all.

I have just discovered that a Ridiculous Hat opens an action if one goes Shroom-Hopping (which has a GREAT Fate to Content ratio). Since I did not have a Hat with me, I do not know what the outcome of the action is (nor do I want to be told-no spoilers please!). Just something to keep in mind if you go.