What do I REALLY need to stockpile?

Like most Fallen Londoners, I find myself becoming something of a pack-rat. With the advent of the Eyeless Skull and its penalties and the penalty card for owning both a Midnight Matriarch and the Scuttering Squad, I’ve become concerned that my activities may prove to become detrimental in the future. To combat this, I’d like to liquidate my assets as much as I can, but there is a problem:

I know there are several actions/cards/storylets that require LUDICROUS amounts of particular resources. (The &quotbasic&quot way to gain the four-card lodgings and &quotA Libraryette for Mr. Pages&quot come to mind.) I’d obviously like to stockpile those resources, as well as enough of everything else to be able to go about daily life in Fallen London without having to constantly wonder &quotdo I have enough Glim for this opportunity card, or will I find myself short the amount I need for that storylet in Wolfstack?&quot and other such similar irritations.

And so, we arrive at my original question: what do I REALLY need to stockpile, and what’s a reasonable reserve for everything else?
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Glim, rotsygold, and moon-pearls are all used quite often. Jade fragments too. You should probably also stockpile whispered secrets – they’re not used that often, but past a certain point it’s difficult to get more of them, so you should maintain a good buffer.

(And for anyone who’s seeking the Name: searing enigmas. You will need every one you find.)

Collated research can be handy for a scientific voyage, when preparing. Otherwise I also use whispered secrets. Not much else you need t stockpile, but I prefer having at least one of the upgradables and 1k of the basic goods. I don’t keep clothing/pets I have no use for currently, though.

I’m a dreadful stockpiler - I keep everything that isn’t Bazaar-purchasable, plus Silk Scraps (because the POSI method to grind them is extortion, which requires Ruthless - not my cup of tea) and Whispered Secrets (hard to grind; useful for expeditions.) And it doesn’t hurt to have some Deep Amber on hand (lots of gambling cards use it,) and a little Jade in case you need to start a drinking competition in Watchmaker’s.

Honestly, Jade hasn’t been an issue at all, and neither have Whispered secrets. There’s a stylish tiger in a stylish hat that will let you trade jade for secrets, and Jade is one of the more efficient things to grind as a POSI

I’m going to take a crack at three questions:

[ul][li]What should you stockpile?[/li][li]What should we all stockpile?[/li][li]What may we need to have on hand for future content?[/li][/ul]So, you first. You’ll need quite a few second and third tier items for PoSI equipment. Maniac’s Prayers, Inklings of Identity and, especially, Phosphorescent Scarabs are important and kind of annoying to acquire. You’ll probably find uses for several thousand Foxfire Candles, especially if you haven’t dealt with the Plaster Face. Do you like to treat your Lizard? If so, keep any Beeswax you find. You can generally sell fourth and fifth tier items. Exceptions: components, stuff you need for lodgings or ravens, and three or four Blackmail Material. You’ll rarely need Rag Trade or Cartography items other than Glim and a few Silk Scraps.

General stockpiling. Third tier items are interconvertible, so I like to hold onto those. I got a lot of the Antique Mysteries for my Bethlehem reservation that way. Appalling Secrets and lower level Mysteries are very useful, and Jade, Glim and Rostygold get used like pocket change. It’s better to sell stuff which can be ground efficiently, like Prisoner’s Honey and Mourning Candles, and hang on to stuff which can’t, like Souls.

Future content… without spoiling anything, it looks like we’ll start finding occasional uses for sixth and seventh tier items. To that end, I’m going to hoard scraps so I’ll be able to buy as needed from the Relickers, and hold on to at least one of each sixth or seventh tier item I acquire by other means.

Unless it sucks my brain. I’ll sell those.
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Well, my own advice is to NOT liquidate your assets. You never know when you might need a new item, and the ones you mentioned? They are the only items as far as I know to cause such an issue. So, trade in your eyeless skulls, and choose either the cat or the rat, but otherwise keep what you have. Just in case you need it.

I have a few reserves of items that I’m not sure whether I’ll ever end up needing large quantities of. Does anyone know any reason why I should/should not hoard large amounts of the following?

Blackmail Material (I’m keeping 5 for the Mr Pages library, but I seem to have a vast excess)
Cellars of Wine (I already have the Pleasure Yacht)
Searing Enigmas (No current plans to seek the name)
Street Signs (already know the way to The Flit)
Magnificent Diamonds
Nights on the Town
Dubious Testimony

There aren’t any disadvantages to owning such items, so I’d suggest keeping them until you find yourself in need of Echoes. On some specific items:

  • Blackmail material is easy to acquire, and most of its uses are once only (acquiring a certain raven, joining the Dilmun Club, etc). So it’s good to sell.[/li][li]Cellars of Wine have few uses, but consider converting any excess to Airag. You get 7.50 Echoes profit for an investment of three actions.[/li][li]Searing Enigmas aren’t that hard to find, and so far are only really useful to Seekers.[/li][li]Dubious Testimony is currently useless, but its kinship with certain other items and the recent addition of a new source of such makes me suspect it will be useful in future content not too far off.

Street Signs are useful in the Moon League of Knife-and-Candle.

How might I convert to Airag? It’s not something I’ve heard of before…

Occasionally you’ll draw a card called A presumptuous little opportunity. It allows you to trade in various kinds of wine for other, more expensive ones at a substantial profit. One option is to trade five Cellars of Wine for a bottle of Airag.

Airag is worth exactly the same as five Cellars, but you get 30 First City Coins thrown in as a bonus. So it’s a good way to turn a profit if you plan on selling the Cellars anyway.

Airag isn’t useful right now except to those on the Heart’s Desire Ambition. But that will change, I think.
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A Presumptuous Little Opportunity card - 5 cellars of wine = 1 bottle of Airag and a little bonus.

Ah, I’d seen that option on the Presumptuous card but I’d heard it was just for those searching for their Heart’s Desire. I’ll give it a try next time, thanks!

I hit PoSI a while ago and I’m grinding for the expanded inventory items. I only sell first tier items - specifically glim, rostygold, jade and moon-pearls. Other items are a pain to grind and I prefer converting them to tier 2 and 3 items.

Could someone let me know if there’s any need to stockpile large amounts of moonpearls? I find myself with something of an excess after completing some projects in the Empress’ Court, but I was certain I heard someone mention on this forum that they needed a few thousand moonpearls for some late-game content?

Not really, and even if you should do, moon-pearls are one of the easier items to farm. I personally keep around 1000, just in case, as with some of the other common goods. Even so, the current biggest expense I can think of costs 20…

Are you seeking the Name?

Not currently, though I’ve considered it! I might create an alt character to do so.

I asked because Seeking was the first thing to come to mind when you mentioned large amounts in the late game. Otherwise I agree they’re quite sellable.