What can i use _____ for ?

There’s a wide variety of items in the game that i haven’t yet found a use for, or a way to sell. I’m aware its quite likely that many of these simply don’t have a purpose yet, but some probably do;

Searing Enigma
Savage Secret
Tale of Terror
Caged Catch
Bundle of Immaculate souls
Cryptic Benefactor
Ministry Stamped Permits

Will post about others if i remember them.
If you guys are aware of any uses currently in the game for these items - or any place they can be sold, let me know
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Enigmas can be used to craft Impossible Theorems, and are required around the middle of SMEN to obtain an item necessary to the plot. They can be sold from the Bazaar.

I’ve never even heard of a &quotSavage Secret&quot.

Tales of Terror actually have a fair number of uses as the game progresses, and can also be upconverted into Uncanny Inculabula.

I’ve never heard of any of the remaining four items either. Are they fate-locked, perhaps?

This is for Sunless Skies. :)

I think you’re in the wrong subforum, delicious friend
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Argh, that’ll teach me not to look at the subforum before replying.

Searing Enigma - Haven’t found any thing yet

Savage Secret - One of the items that you can use to reduce terror at Magdalenes

Tale of Terror - Can be used in Titania if you have constructed the right place

Caged Catch - Haven’t found any thing yet

Bundle of Immaculate souls - Haven’t found any thing yet

Cryptic Benefactor - Haven’t found any thing yet

Ministry Stamped Permits - Needed to buy a Grand House in New Winchester