What area does Mr. Card rule? (HD spoilers)

Is it possible for players to build their own casinos in the London station area to make their own profits?
As Mr Cards, I also hope to expand the influence of gambling (especially card games!) in London.
On a new card in Magistracy Of Evenlode, &quotThe Urchins’ Games&quot, Mr Cards demonstrated his supernatural ability in gambling. It seems that Mr. Heart assigns the power of the card game in the &quotDesire&quot field under his jurisdiction to Mr Cards to manage.
(From the text of A Consequence of your Ambition, you can find that the masters are formulating new The Tragedy Procedures to ensure that Mr Cards will not have some accidents when participating in the next Heart’s Desire.)
Mr Wine and Mr. Spice have been fighting for the right to dominate in the dream world. Their fights have had a very serious impact in the dream world. Combining the description on the new Evenlode card, I infer that the masters have supernatural powers in the areas they rule. .
So is it possible for players to fight for greater rights (supernatural abilities) and responsibilities? According to the information I know, ordinary gambling is unsupervised in London, and even the heart of Mr. who actually governs gambling is only occasional Host a gambling dinner. Or oversee more important gambling, such as &quotHeart’s Desire!&quot. The gambling in the clock tower is supervised by the masters in turn.
Then if card games become more frequent, then Mr. Heart will become stronger in the world where Mr. Card is not born, and vice versa, Mr. Card will master.

Judging from descriptions of exclusive and everyone else’s option - this urchins’ card game has no rules at all, they stake petty change even to them, and the winner is decided by ability to impress everyone else.
Being a winner in Marvellous is impressive enough that they’ll allow you to win just for the chance to play with you and then tell everyone else. And yes, they know you’re Mr Cards, being the most informed faction on such matters after Masters themselves.