What are these two stats?

What are playing with broken toys and approaching the gates of the garden? i have both around seven and idk if thats good or bad…[li]

They both unlock stories, so keep on gathering them!

YAY! thx

Playing with Broken Toys is a tracker for a specific storyline.

Approaching the Gates of the Garden goes up when you encounter stuff to do with immortality, the Presbyterate, or the mountain of light… it does unlock some stuff, but mostly it keeps going up over time as you run in to more things that raise it.

do they climax at eight like wounds and stuff?

IT JUST HIT EIGHT (garden). significant??

Nah, they’re not menaces. Playing With Broken Toys tracks your progress along a story, and Gates of the Garden is largely just for fun (though it does unlock a couple minor things).

Playing with broken toys is sadly quite short and easy to miss, IRC. I’m still waiting for the garden to do something, and I have over 50.
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damn, i got excited for a new story haha