What are the practical limitations on secondary accounts?

The terms of service have the line 'Failbetter Games may suspend the accounts of any users it deems to be engaging in malicious or inappropriate conduct. Such conduct includes but is not limited to… use of secondary accounts to harass other players or gain competitive advantage; ’

How strictly is ‘competitive advantage’ treated? Could I get banned for having an alt account send a gift or do a menace reduction thing for me? Or is ‘competitive advantage’ more specific than that? The most recent post regarding this issue on this forum is almost 10 years old and most of the comments reference ‘knife and candle’ which as far as I can tell isn’t even a thing anymore…

I can’t speak for Failbetter, but I’d assume ‘competitive advantage’ to refer to player-vs-player content like Knife-and-Candle - which, yes, was retired from the game a while back. There’s very little competitive content at the moment - the game’s generally moved toward co-operative content. So, just don’t harass anyone, and you’ll be fine!

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I wonder if there’s anyone compulsive enough to have collected all 13 treasures (counting all the resurrected loved ones as a single item).

Would steeply overshadow all the people who collected every Sacksmas item.

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Yeah, that would be utterly mad!

… maybe I should do that!!

Probably not, but maybe, maybe.

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The real trick is gonna be figuring out a mean distribution of chessboard colours, major laterals, etc. (plus one outlier for the 13 account).

Get ready to spreadsheet.

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As far as I know other accounts cannot provide significant competitive advantage unless you use automation and huge number of accounts (thousands). Automation is generally not allowed (but you could ask FBG by email and they may or may not approve).
On other hand, many (most?) advanced players use alts to clear Menaces more efficiently and/or raise stats faster. That practice was never punished as far as I know.


I am really glad I came across this thread. I’ve just recently come back to my Fallen London account after literally years (I was reminded of the game by old Facebook posts sharing statuses that don’t exist anymore because they were from Echo Bazaar!)

I was wondering about starting an alt because I absolutely do not remember all the beginning game content and I’d love to re-experience it. I felt a little silly though, so hearing that it’s actually a common move really helps! :grin: