What are the penalties of death, exile, etc?

I want to experiment with negative state areas, but what would I lose going there? I’ve heard that Nightmares area takes away dream progress. How much does it take? And would I lose progress in ongoing investigations (such as Curate and His Sister) and any other statuses?

The Nightmares area is the worse of them all because it takes some of your dream progress as you said. I’m not sure how much, but it lowers ALL you dream qualities (What the Thunder Said, The Fire Sermon etc.). You probably shouldn’t get there.

The other areas aren’t that bad. Actually, they may even be the fastest way to reduce the menace quaility. You don’t lose anything by going there.

Thanks for the answer. I guess I’ll stay away from the nightmare area for now.

Depends which nightmares area. If you have some Memories of Light, I think, you go to the Mirror-Marches, and you lose only a little bit of “Is someone there?” dreams, it’s not particularly damaging. If you go to the Royal Bethlehem, that costs you all your dreams, though.

it used to cost it all, but I’ve heard it doesn’t cost everything now, though it’s still pretty damaging. I’ve never gone insane though so.

The Royal Bethlehem no longer takes all of your dreams. At least it didn’t last time I was there. Except for “Is Someone There?”, but I always end up losing those. One day I will get higher than 4 or 5. One day.

As for the other areas, gaining too much Suspicion can land you back in Newgate, where you may make a helpful contact who can assist you after release.

Increasing Scandal to dangerous levels results in unavoidable exile to the Tomb Colonies. It is a tiresome and unprofitable time.

Earn sufficient Wounds and you will find yourself riding the Styx with a certain boatman. There are things to be seen from the waters and there is some benefit to approaching the gates of death.

Thanks for the answers. Is any of the Investigating progress lost when going to negative states?

No investigation loss for any of the negative states. But I have to contradict Lily on one minor point: if you are breeding beasts in the Fourth Coil of the Labyrinth, you can gain a valuable animal if you are exiled for too much scandal. I’ve deliberately gotten myself exiled just to pick one up.

Actually, I think being sent to New Newgate loses you your Casing? Could be mistaken though.

According to the wikidot that is correct, getting sent to jail immediately strips you of any casing you may have built up. Strange, that, but I’m not willing to be the guinea pig to confirm its accuracy. I do know for a fact that dying doesn’t cost you Running Battle, (just paid the boatman a visit with it built up all the way to 20) which you might think it would, given the Prison/Casing connection, but anyway, I trust the wiki.

I am a little skeptical, though, because it would be a very easy mistake to make: getting sent to New Newgate as a result of a failed theft, with the theft’s failure costing you casing rather than the trip to prison, and assuming that it was the result of your imprisonment, not your failure.
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I can confirm that going to New Newgate strips you of casing (after an ahem unfortunate accident while plotting against the masters, which included carrying a prison shiv…), and that Death doesn’t strip you of running battle.

Also please note that the penalty of getting a high menace in some areas is more serious than others.

For example, the ladies at Hunter’s Keep are gloriously helpful if one were to get badly hurt or be slightly overcome by bad dreams.

Really, now, James? I had no idea. … I must admit I am now curious.

In other news, I recently witnessed the distressing event of one of my weasels veritably exploding! All from that damned pervasive and tenacious tune.