What are the other fallen cities? [spoilers]

london is known as the fifth city, indicating four below it.

But what are they? When did they fall? And what became of them?

I’m reasonably sure that the fourth city is Xanadu, of the mongol empire. My investigations into the correspondnce told me that more or less directly, and it would explain all the horse references, and the presence of the Khanate in the neath. Am i correct?

but what of the others?
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Like me, you may find this thread interesting and it will go a long way to answering your questions.


Also, this snippet from the Heart’s Desire ambition storylet may be of interest to you, but note that I changed the title of the Echo (because I was so shocked, presumably!). MAJOR spoilers: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Sestina~Valdis?fromEchoId=6632485

Yep, the fourth city is definitely Mongolian. The horses, the Tengriism/worship of the sky (as demonstrated in The Temple of Blue Sky expedition) and the airag all support this. According to the aforementioned thread, it’s more likely that it’s Karakorum, given that there was once a silver tree there, apparently. (But I know very little about Mongolia, so I cannot confirm or deny anything.) And you’re right: the Khanate are the descendants of the fourth city folk.

Also, just extra info: I believe that the sixth city is apparently going to be Paris, according to the Heart’s Desire ambition (where you have to deal with Mr Pages and one option requires that you arrange things with the French govt) and also Lost in Reflections, which is last July’s exceptional story.
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edited by Sestina Valdis on 1/3/2016