What are the Luck levels exactly?

I can’t figure it out from descriptions. How far does difficulty go? Are higher numbers more diffcult or less? &quotA long shot… but you might win&quot - is that on the other end from &quotThe odds are against you here&quot? Or on the same?

Chance is your &quotchance to succeed&quot. In other words, a higher percentage means the challenge is easier. In order of hardest to easiest, here are the luck descriptions and percents.

A long shot…but you might win 10%
The odds are strongly against you here 20–30%
The odds are against you here 40%
It could go either way 50–60%
Pretty good odds 70–80%
How can you fail? 90%
A sure thing. Or is it? 100%[/spoiler]
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Thanks. But in Quality Difficulty, the lowest number is the easiest of these? Which is what, 0 or 1? Or is the lowest number the hardest?
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You can set the quality difficulty to negative numbers. So setting it to zero is “It could go either way”. Set it negative to make the test easier, and vice versa.

Okay. Does this work with Basic Ability checks?

Aye, works with any test. Remember that in StoryNexus you can test against any quality.

Edit: the actual values vary from test to test though. Zero is the middle point for the luck test, but the player’s luck quality is always set to zero. You can always set the test difficulty to a negative number, but for most basic ability tests, it would be unusual to do so.
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And just how does difficulty work with Basic Abilities? Let’s say I set a minimum Persuasive… actually, a minimum isn’t even required, is it? I just set up a Persuasive check, and I put 0 as difficulty. What does that carry into? Will the player see a “chancy challenge,” or whatever corresponds to 50%? That doesn’t sound right. In Fallen London difficulty of a test naturally drops as the ability increases…

The easiest way to work this out it to try it. Set up a test card with a certain difficulty level, set the relevant qualities at a level (using the debug). Play the card, make a note. Change your qualities OR the difficulty level, play the card, make a note.

This is the best way to work out a lot of SN things.

It’s all in the manual! Towards the end. But by default, basic abilities improve every time they’re used. If the test level is equal to the player’s ability, then the chance of success is 60%.

All right, thanks.