What are the carry-overs from Fallen London?

And how hard are they to get?

Looking at the wiki, it seems like there are four main ways to get bonuses in Sunless Sea:

[ul][li]Kickstarters and similar stuff. Obviously the window for that has closed.[/li]
[li]Aspiring Zee Captains: Provide Advice, which requires going to sea. Which is… hard? Or at least medium-late game content?[/li]
[li]Aspiring Zee Captains: Soothe & Cooper, which is… no longer possible? At the very least it seems like all the avenues to get one are expired.[/li]
[li]The Whisper-Locked Box, which is pretty early and easy to do (although also easy to mess up, obviously).[/li][li][/li][/ul]

Is that it? Those are the only ways to affect SS from FL?

You can currently purchase a Soother & Cooper long box from Penstock’s Wicket (FL Christmas shop).

The Parabolan Panther was a kickstarter reward, I believe (based on what I’ve heard from older players). But you can still get Parabolan Kittens for use as a mascot in SS, even if you weren’t a part of the kickstarter.

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edited by Sestina Valdis on 1/8/2016

[/li][li]Does this mean that you can get those boxes from fallen london and transfer it to sunless sea? It’s quite hard to find them in SS other than from a Khan’s Heart event. From where do you get it from in FL? I can’t find Penstock’s Wicket in the default shops in FL. Been a few years since i played that.[/li]

Penstock’s Wicket is seasonal content after playing the 12 days of Mr Sacks. You need to have enough Putting the Pieces Together the Taste of Lacre to buy one though.

Thanks for the walkthrough! It’s… a little late to get the box from scratch this year, I guess. :( But restarting explains why my whisper-locked box hasn;t shown up yet. Thanks!

This is true. Note that after you get a kitten in FL, you need to click on it in your inventory and play with it until it mentions that you’ve gained &quotSupping With Kittens.&quot Then link your FL account to your Sunless Sea game and start a new captain for free kitten.