What Apples?

Unsurprisingly, new snippets of lore have been appearing in the tan box to the right-hand side of the game screen. This one, however, smells more like a clue to me than usual. Does anyone have any thoughts about the meaning of this one, which I just noticed this morning?

&quotCrunchy. Earthy. Moreish.
These apples are not refreshing. But they are filling, and they will make you strong (but brittle). Avoid consuming them in precarious positions.&quot
edited by cathyr19355 on 5/8/2016

ah… Flint…

We don’t talk about that place.

/spoilers Unless I’m mistaken, that’s a reference to the elder continent apples, which when consumed gave you a quality called &quotCherty&quot. Something about brittle strength.
edited by Schmidt on 5/8/2016

Duh. I did the Flint story, and entirely missed the connection to apples and Griswine or Cherty. Thanks.