What am I still grinding for?

Title says it all, really. I just realized I don’t really have any kind of target in mind anymore.
My first big grind was übergoat for the stats. Then I got cider for the immortality. I built my railway. Now I have a worm mount and milk waiting for Whitsun.

It seems that all the remaining grinds I can think of only get you some vanity quality with no practical use, no real stat gains or new options unlocked. I’m not really interested in grinding stuff that’s just a money sink for the sake of being a money sink, like buying worm boot polish, hundreds of woesels or bringing my noman to Whitsun, if they don’t actually provide me anything of tangible value.

Is there anything else left? Or should I just stop grinding already?

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Triple 7 vanity grinds, Heptagoat and Woeseller are the first things that come to mind.
After this, the usual grinds, 2 of each T8 (and the new one from Phoenix), 3 of each T7, etc., enjoy the Khan and get all story echoes (with woeasel), newspaper qualities to 10.

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I notice how you say hundereds of Woesels is just a money sink. Not so! In fact, if you have enough Woesels to draw the Woeseller card, then the option that sells one of your Woesels is actually one of the best Moon-Pearl grinds in the game! There is nothing you need that many Moon-Pearls for, except Determined Illuminator, a vanity grind for sensible people, but you never know when you might need a hundred thousand Moon-Pearls on short notice.

I’d recommend these since they have the benefit of being potentially useful when the next storyline releases.

None of these seem to have any particular mechanical significance. I don’t really care about vanity qualities enough to grind for them. I already have a solid enough stock of T8, T7 and everything else really.

I have over 350k moon-pearls, having already sold off several hundred thousand previously. The railway provides.

Do we know what the next storyline is or is this just speculative?

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We don’t, that’s why I said I might be. If we knew what the next story was we’d probably have a better idea of what will be useful.

Nothing. Only vanity left.


And vexation of spirit.


I mean, if you want something to do… side eyes Mr Eaten

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I’ve been in the same boat for a while.

I mainly focus on collecting Fabulous Diamonds now and have grind habits compatible with that goal.

I had also been building up Hinterland Scrip in case the Tracklayer’s City required significant amounts, but apparently it doesn’t.

Heart’s Game has become my main activity nowadays.

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That is of course the traditional course for those who no longer wish to go on… but it’s not the ending I have in mind.

Oooh! I’ve just thought of something! Is your Connected: The Masters at 11 yet? If not, you might want to consider that, seeing as it removes a bad card from your deck and there are all sorts of things you can do with Masters connected points.


I’m on 12, but cheers for the suggestion.

Anyway it’s not like I’m completely out of things to do, I still have some loose story threads hanging about. But I guess as far as generating capital goes it’s gonna be pretty much grind for grind’s sake from here on.

Well, you could still go all the way North and then turn back at the last second, coming back with the best BDR weapon

I’ve considered it, but it still includes steps that I find objectionable and in the first place BDR is kind of meaningless to me by now.

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