We've got a WTF is .... Sunless Sea

He seems to have missed a few small details, but it’s a bit more first impressions then review, so he’s allowed to miss things.

It sounds mostly positive, hopefully it boosts sales.

Hey, he’s got the Labyrinth of Tigers! How come the rest of us don’t?

The Labyrinth has a bit of a weird unlock requirement; it only starts showing up after at least one of your captains has died (the thing tracking said captain-death was only added a couple weeks ago, though).

He gives a pretty good review all things considered. I think it will boost the sales.

Just watched it, given TB’s wide fanbase I’m sure at least more than a few will be tempted over to buy it.

TB’s recent tweet:

Well, I can promise you that it got you at least one sale :). New captain having a look one forums while stories are being updated

thought I’d link the tweet:

Because look at all the interested people in the replies.

And while I’m here:

look at all the people on the WTF buying it…

I love seeing companies I enjoy content from get a boost.
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