We're retiring the merch store in January

[color=#0066ff]Hello gang! I’m here to give advance notice of an upcoming change to our merchandise offering: we are going to retire the Failbetter Games print on demand merch store in January next year. I’m sure some of you are thinking, wait! What store? Yup, we’ve had a store for a good 11 years! [/color]

[color=#0066ff]There are some classic designs on there which I know some of you will miss. But Spreadshirt is no longer the best platform for our needs, and we want to give the whole thing a rest. There’ll be news of other kinds of merch next year.[/color]

[color=#0066ff]The store is currently open here, and I’ll give you a warning before it finally closes: https://www.failbettergames.com/store/[/color]

Ok, reason enough to finally get that Dawn Machine t-shirt :D

When you start looking for a new solution, please, consider something with reasonable worldwide delivery. I didn’t buy much of FBG stuff just because delivery to Russia will be almost as expensive as stuff itself.

Indeed. I did not know there was store, but shipping to Australia? Ouch. Much as I would love a couple of items.

Thirded, I’m based in Hong Kong and…yeah.

[color=#0066ff]Yeah, shipping is a total minefield. There are some stores with better shipping options that we might tinker with, but in all likelihood it’ll still be difficult to get things shipped to some places, despite efforts. <3[/color]

International shipping is always going to cost a fair chunk, we all know that. But it’s nice to have choice. It varies as the euro or pound or dollar exchange rate is in your favour. But for some reason I was not allowed to buy from the UK shop, only the US. (I didn’t.) And some more options for slower post can be cheaper. More choice is usually the best way to go, in my experience.

I know reality makes it difficult, but I’ve held off buying items I’d love from your store due to shipping costs to Australia.

Hmm. Looking at the selection, I have to assume the display layout for the men’s hoodies is a bit off. The placement of the prints seems improbably high – some of them actually clip with the collar.

The correspondence sigil one is kind of nice, I guess.