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Ahoy (or other appropriate greeting)

I recently picked up Sunless Sea on Steam, on advice of a couple of friends (and learning that one of the creators used to be part of a uni society I’m technically a member of. Got to support them, don’tchaknow), and … I’m loving it. I am! I adore roguelikes that don’t punish me overmuch and let me choose whether to go hardcore or to save and explore and take risks.

I’m enjoying helping my officers find their endings- a number of them helped to an end, and I’m currently (as in, I’m making course corrections as I jot this) carting coffee to the Khan in the hope of gaining entry and picking up some ahem romantic literature to allow a lady of my acquaintance some satisfaction. You know, that sounds awfully dodgy, come to think of it …

My ship? Still a Phorcyd-Class Corvette. I could have possibly afforded a vessel with more cargo space, but it would have been slow, and I like the maneuverability my current ship offers. Instead, I picked out the best guns the navy had to offer and am merrily working my way along the zea.

Back home, I’ve a townhouse, a will, my child has already signed on, and my partner seems to be enjoying themselves well enough, though I wish she’d smile sometimes … can’t have everything, I suppose!

All in all, I suppose I’m firmly mid-game, not having completed any of the (major) stories (I think) and gradually unlocking a few stages on each long circuit of the Neath. It’s not as though the hydrogen in my hold is going to go off anytime soon, after all.

So, I’m merely making myself known, offering greetings and assuring that no, I do rather enjoy the game and have no intent of quitting it just yet. Should anyone offer comments, questions on experiences, et al, I’d be happy to field them; otherwise, I merely wish it was easier to sit and talk to some of you!

Ta ta.

Greetings Jaybird! Well, i’m intrigued as to what society it was. Can I start the guessing with Anitquarian Esquivalience? (Damn, I wish i’d come up with that!) I’m just about to ‘retire’ my Captain within the space of a month but i’ve been a bit reluctant to start again (even with the mountains of heirlooms…how do I know the executor won’t turn out to be a Snuffer?)

So, my question is, how hard did you find the early game with regards to monsters and pirates etc. Until you upgraded your guns did you have any trouble avoiding/outrunning tougher enemies? What do you think of weather effects? I saw someone suggest they were only a minor annoyance the other day but I like the atmosphere they provide. Do you find you try and sail around wax-winds or head through and hope for the best?

Is there somewhere to trade romantic literature now? I’ve not played in a little while.

Also, what’s been your favourite story or island so far?

Haha, I just got the post title ‘Somewhere unter th Zee…’

Calm Zailing!

I’m afraid your guess is incorrect. Please disembark! No, it was; hmm, how best to say this. The Botanical Whispering Rodents Pickup Society; or it’s acronymical equivalent, anyway.

The early game was rather interesting. I perhaps play things too safely; I routinely set off from London with twenty barrels of fuel and half that of supplies. When fighting other ships, I tend to rush to their rear and hug it as I pepper their aft (Matron!) with shot, and with the megafauna of the Zea, I try to get a lock and then back off as I fire both sets of guns as quickly as I can lock. I also, it has to be said, don’t try to find or engage opponents; anything such as a Lifeburg or blue birds has me beating a very careful perimeter and turning off my lights as I do. That said, I have limped home from occasional attacks (a trio of Bound-sharks, for example) with my Hull barely holding together, and it’s times such as those that the additional fuel is useful. A block in my hold is set aside from Clay Men for times my crew has dipped a tiny amount, and that is a nice little spot. I deliberately sought out a few ‘exploring’ circuits, to build up favors from the Admiralty and to get a feel of where I could purchase fuel and supplies in need. I did make a point of upgrading my deck gun as soon as possible, once my first Captain died, and ironically I found that that helped me survive a lot more easily - weak fauna could be engaged and killed safely, saving fuel and gaining supplies happily.

I DID rather enjoy losing my dignity, it has to be said, and that moment of sheer confusion at the Rodent/Cavey war. The Prebyterate Adventuress was a delight, until I helped her leave. And yes, Khan’s Heart, once access is gained, does sell them - in fact, it was the Abbess who directed me there, which pushed me to finally gain access. Adam’s Way, I always make a point of visiting, to see what I might find.

What’s your favourite place so far (if it’s not Adam’s Way), and how much of the map have you uncovered? Which legacy did you take when your first captain died? How many captains has it been now, and how many did you lose before you felt like you had a handle on things?

Adam’s Way and Visage, though the Sunlit Isle is one I hope to do more with as I get a larger ship. I think I’ve explored most of the Zea (there are a few spots, though sailing close and unleashing bats found nothing to entice me in).

When my first captain died, I picked Rival - and that a few times, to allow my current captain to start with a magnificent gun which made general zailing far more comfortable.

A handle on things? Rather difficult to say. I can wander the Zea in (relative) safety at the moment, and turn a small profit from my wanderings without doing specific trade runs, but I still don’t feel I have a handle on things. I suppose by the time I’d lost three or four Zea-Captsins and knew the rough locations of a number of important places (Mt. Palmerstone, for example, to refuel, and Khan’s Glory/Heart/Shadow for avoiding their warships), I felt at least comfortable in my role.

>Botanical Whispering Rodents Pickup Society

But oh, those summer nights. Da iawn.

Further updates!

An encounter with Mt Nomad - or rather, the chance of an encounter which rather led me to imitate the action of the rodent and leave swiftly. I’m still trying to get enough echoes to upgrade from the Corvette - I generally run a small profit from each circuit, though I’m spending perhaps more time than I need to in gathering gewgaws for certain folk.

I enclose a copy of my map. May it bring you amusement.

I’ve a strong suspicion that the notepad I’m starting to keep - noting to take coffee to Iram, for example - is helpful. The option in-game for such would be nice, just a place to jot such down.

I have a similar notepad and at this exact moment it reads &quotcoffee to Irem&quot at the top.

I tend to agree that an in-game notebook might be helpful. But I’ve also thought that perhaps the game should go the other way, and remove the in-game map completely.

[quote=Alexis Kennedy]>Botanical Whispering Rodents Pickup Society

But oh, those summer nights. Da iawn.[/quote]

Never ever gonna dance again; guilty Chapel, can’t get clean now…

Without a map, I’d be completely lost! Perhaps a navigator might be necessary for it, or getting a new one would unlock parts of the map automatically, though.

Even though the Uttershroom has little going on, I think it’s my favourite place to visit often.

Varchas is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Anything so … alien and strange has it’s methods of favor for me!

That said, feel the need to trade in Stygian Ivory and Spider Silk for trade goods from London to trade elsewhere >_> Fanciful Clothing from said raw materials.

Take your time starting the Pilgrimage.