Weeping Scars, Chained Memory's, and Soul-stains?

I have seen some of the Mr Eaten content(by mistake, you run into spoilers sometimes and cannot help but pique your curiosity…)

Just from a Roleplaying point of view, after you get these… what are the side-effects of just having these(aside from implying you are seeking a certain name…)? I don’t know how having a Stained Soul can be worse than having no Soul at all either.

Could someone tell me the most commonly agreed meaning(as in what most players think it means to just possess these menaces) of these 3 ill’s side-effects?

Well, the devils certainly aren’t happy if you sell them a soul with stains. I don’t know if there’s an explanation why (never tried it, so I don’t know exactly what happens), but the process of them forcing it back on you is quite… fun.

The only one that has any upsides is the stain(you heard me right, upsides, well, upsides if you don’t want to sell your soul since it will get rid of the extremely common intimate with the devils quality), the other two just don’t do anything at all.

Weeping scars - you’re covered with one to seven continually weeping open wounds. It says something about your character and how devoted they are to (literal) self destruction if they’ve got 7.

Stains - it’s never explicit what the process of this is, though enough is given to know that it’s painful & unwise. Spirifers, individuals who steal the souls of others to sell to hell are known to have to be forced into it by your Starveling cat… Early on, you’re drinking pints (!) Of laudanum. Later on, it’s much, much more.

Chained memories - a deliberate process of social self destruction. Being robbed, chained, betrayed - deliberator setting things up so that others will do this to you. Ever after you’ll have the memory of cousins in your mind & never truly be free.

It’s a deliberate metaphysical reshaping of the self to make of oneself an avatar? Vessel? Reflection of a sacrificed demigod (?).

If you’d like to experience it yourself, I can come to you and speak of dark waters…

My theory is that Mr. Eaten is neathly Jesus-figure, a martyr who died to show people the way. Thus devils avoid him, for obvious reasons.