Weeky Fallen London Questions, 07/11/2022

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London questions.

What are you all scheming now that Halowmas is over?

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About the Parabolan generals.
I seem to have managed to maroon one of them (Principle of Hollows) in a state where they weren’t offered gifts at the end of the campaign. I was aware there was a step missing, but could only move on. So they cannot be augmented (i.e. don’t appear in the lab at all). Nor do they appear as an option for a Fingerkings campaign (where the fully augmented Principle of Heralds is the only one on offer).
Anyone know a way out of this?

What are your current values for the qualities “Your General” and “General: Principle of Hollows”?

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Those are hidden, aren’t they? I don’t know how to find them, I’m afraid. Please advise if there is any software I would need.

There are some qualities related to generals which are hidden, but those ones are visible in your Myself tab. Under Accomplishment and Stories. If you don’t see them after refreshing the page, they must be 0.

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Sorry, I thought you meant the 1, 2 & 3 mentioned on the Wiki.

Qualities are:
General: Principle of Hollows - You have a basic General

However, the one that was newly appointed for the Chessboard campaign went straight to:
General: Principle of Horizons - Your General has received gifts.

That’s the step that appears to enable augmentation, and the one that was not available for Hollows upon completion of the campaign.

Okay, rather embarrassingly, the Hollows general is now on offer for the next campaign (after I augmented Horizons). So he/she/it obviously wasn’t permanently sidelined.
Thank you for your assistance nonetheless.

The Business of a Licentiate was released today. One of the Professional Specialisations is called ‘Siopian’. Can anyone make sense of that word? I’ve found absolutely nothing to explain it.

I am exploring the Business of a Correspondent.

Having chosen a specialization, is it possible to change that specialization later?

Changing specialization requires dropping your current profession. When you get a new profession (which can be the same as the old one), you can specialize again.

Sigh. Thanks for the information, though; I appreciate it.

Evokes “myopia” (greek roots in “shut” + “eyes”), probably based on the greek “siopi” (silence) or something in that linguistic neighbourhood? Both (or either) seem relevant to “making sure your murders draw no attention”.


Oh yes, “Silencer” seems a quite fitting translation. Thank you!

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