Weekly Sunless Skies Questions, 18/02/2019

Here’s this week’s thread for quick questions about exploring the Sunless Skies!

A question about Avid Horizon:

How do you gather the lost saints’ names for the Sanctified? The Jolly Anchorite suggests I’ll need to make the other cults trust me and then betray them. I’ve been through the carousel multiple times, maxing out both The Displeased and the Sulapsarians, as well as equally pursuing both, but never see an option to learn the Names.

For that part of the Avid Horizon cult quests:

You need to raise both the Sanctified and Displeased favor to 2 each before you get an option to question a member of the Displeased about the names of the saints. You lose 1 Displeased favor if you fail, so you can try again before time runs out. This was also tougher before you could donate Specimens for more time. Just be aware, success in the check costs you a crew.

Is there any actual purpose to that quest? Is it necessary for one of the ambitions? There doesn’t seem to be a reward, not even any important (or unambiguous) lore.

You do get Cryptic Benefactors and at least one Moment of Inspiration in the Horizon. That said:

Am I doing the Displeased quest wrong? I gave up a Royal Dispensation, had them protect nothing for a year and then killed the Masquerader for a princely reward of 500 EXP. The Silent Mystic gives some neat speculations afterwards, but you give a lot, including stats, for no real payoff.

Nope, that seems to be it. That was why I asked if there was a point. There are so many cults in the game… it really ought to add up to something, but I haven’t seen what, or where, having completed two of the ambitions now.

There is one thing you can do involving the Supralapsarians if you’ve been to Eleutheria and you play your cards right.

The Illuminated Archivist can go with you to Langley Hall to be Lord Langley’s lover, but I assume you can only do this if you convince him that you’re in the High Wilderness and not actually London. I answered all his questions the &quotright&quot way the first time, and he just told me he’s not going to see an imaginary lord with me.

I agree that it would be nice to have a reward for completing all of the cult quests rather than just small benefits, though.

I have to say that the ending of the Langley Hall quest is one of my favorite in the game. It’s not too difficult, and has great rewards… but you will always be left wondering if you made the right choice. The game refuses to give you a definitive answer. Classic Failbetter.