Weekly Sunless Skies Questions, 11/02/2019

Big thanks to MidnightVoyager for starting a quick questions thread last week - thought I’d pin up an official one to take us through the week to come! Any quick questions about navigating the Sunless Skies, post 'em here!

What does everyone prioritize when picking locomotives? I went from the Pellinore to the Agravain to the Altani, because each of them had 2 Aux slots and enough bridge slots to fit the Camarilla, thus giving me all of the gathering opportunities. Large Weapons are good, but I think I prefer playing like a trader more than using the admittedly fun exotic weapons and rockets.

Is there a way to rename your locomotive, or is that only when you purchase a new one?

You could trade in for one of the locos of equal value, then trade back for the one you actually want. Would that work?

As for prioritizing–I think it’s more about the feel. I tried the Agravain and just found it too clunky, I ran into every rock and port entrance. Once I could switch to the Altani, even though it meant less armor, it just handled so much better. I hate the way it looks–way too plain–but I love the way it flies.

>>>What does everyone prioritize when picking locomotives?

My first priority is to have all special stats (butcher, mining, assaying). After that hull is the most important.

Auxiliary and Bridge slots, chiefly so I never miss a Mining, Canning, or Assaying opportunity. (That said, with 50+ barrels of hours in the bank, I can probably forgo the Mining slot without repercussions.) I have a Moloch with a Bridge-mounted canning system, and it’s serving me quite nicely. Hull is, I think, 120, but that’s generally been specific. Now, bad luck in the Blue Kingdom can make me wish for more Hull, but otherwise I’ve had no complaints.

Does anyone know if there are any consequences to being a London (or Khagian) informant in Eagle’s Empyrean? Doing the Shangdau and Marketplace options requires you to be very close to London, and I hope that doesn’t make relay prices more expensive or put me in danger of losing my visa or some such.