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I just realized that I haven’t seen any follow-up to the living story of the Feast of the Rose (for those who have already two tattoos)… or perhaps I did see it and I missed it? May I ask what’s the status regarding that?

If it is a 28-day “only once per Feast” living story similar to the one that kicks off when getting a tattoo, they’ll start to conclude next week for those who got “An Incident at Millicent’s” in the days shortly after that story appeared. There may or may not be any story, quality change, etc. connected to that 28-day expiration – there isn’t for tattoos.

I recently became a Person of Significant Importance (this is the first time I mention it, so it gets the non-abbreviated treatment in this post) with a bright future as a Scholar of the Correspondence. Being a smouldering academic (SotC 5), I realized that the place to deepen my knowledge on the subject is through the creation of symphonies of an… unusual nature for Her Enduring Majesty. Yet, this is a long and taxing task.

I’m afraid I don’t see any alternative to study the subject beyond the Court. Should I persist there or is it folly to do so?

You can get it to 7 in the forgotten quarter. Not quite sure where though.

It is one of the options on Seeking Curios in the Forgotten Quarter. That is airs dependent so it doesn’t always turn up, it also gives nightmares so stock up on Laudanum or have another good nightmare reducing option available.

So, should we be looking for a card in the deck? I’m just worried that I’ve missed a story.

I was looking forward to something happening…

It’s just going to clear your recent visit to Millicent’s parlor quality. It’s a mechanics living &quotstory&quot, not an actual card or storylet. Think of it being like time the healer when it clears away irrigo so you can have another go at the content in the future. It’s a cool down timer for foter lockout qualities basically so you can replay stuff next year.
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Yes, what NiteBrite said – I think this bears repeating about “An Incident at Millicent’s” so that people aren’t disappointed & don’t keep looking for a “next thing” to happen or a card to appear. Most likely, nothing at all will happen when that living story finishes; it’s just a clean-up of qualities from the Festival in anticipation of next year’s Festival.

If it is a clean-up, it would be nice if it were marked that way somehow or moved to TTH, because as we can see, it’s confusing!
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[quote=an_ocelot]If it is a clean-up, it would be nice if it were marked that way somehow or moved to TTH, because as we can see, it’s confusing!
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TTH is sort of suffering massive bloat though, and you don’t need to clean up FoTER qualities ~every week~. The noman death is on TTH because it never stops checking if your noman should be losing health or melting for the entire year. Putting more stuff on TTH is like that saying about dont put all of your eggs in one basket. If it trips up ever (and it does sometimes already) it just gets progressively more broken. A basic one-off living story makes sense here, less risk of things going wrong, and it can be triggered by playing a specific story instead of just being a weekly timer. Clearer labeling would make the most sense, but it is possible that FBG likes to hide the guts of the game as much as possible, and it is entirely possible these types of living stories are intentionally obscure to keep people guessing or to avoid breaking people’s immersion with a sudden burst of mechanical talk.
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Well, I don’t really care what the mechanism is as long as it’s not confusing-if TTH can’t be set to change things on less than a weekly level, then a hidden living story, but don’t raise expectations that won’t be met!

thanks everybody, I forgot about the “one month after it’s played” thing… I’m curious to see if it’s just a cleanup or if we get some story info or items… (as ocelot said, the fact that there was a new open branch especially for those who have already two tattoos led me thinking it was something more than a simple cleanup, that could have made hidden)

I know some of the longer stories (e.g. Cheesemonger) give a couple points of Fate when completed. Do the Exceptional Friend stories do that as well?

They unlock a card, and if you draw it you get a couple fate.

Yes, but it’s not guaranteed. They send a limited number of cards to gather feedback on the story.

Ah, I didn’t know that. Thanks for clarifying.
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I have recently started playing the game, and, in my excitement, I have set out to drag everyone I know into the depths of Fallen London. However, the initiation of one of my friends wasn’t as smooth as mine: where I received a Magnificent Diamond after escaping the prison, he remains rather diamond-less. Is this a bug, or are there other requirements for acquiring the shiny, like having a home, or becoming a part of a story?

I don’t see any requirements on the wiki. If he doesn’t see the diamond in his inventory (down below his equipment), it’s probably worth reporting the bug to fallenlondonbugs(AT)failbettergames.com

I found the Correspondence Stones in the Forgotten Quarter and was investigating them. There were 2 related options. One increased my Investigating… after a Watchful check, the other cost some secrets. I knew I had to increase the Investigating… to 5. But when I tried the option that cost secrets the whole thing ended. I guess I didn’t pay enough attention since I didn’t expect that to happen. Did I miss anything important by not raising the Investigating…?