Weekly Questions, Beginning 8/4/2016

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Here’s this week’s thread for quick questions and, hopefully, quick answers! Need short answers fast? Here’s the place to ask!

Are all opportunities to raise Favours: Criminals card-related? I got a few at the Carnival, but now my renown is 5 and the option is locked.

(I’d very much like to know this one as well.)

Other than the weekly payout to Enforcers, I believe that all Favours: Criminals sources are card based (after you’ve exhausted the options in the carnival by raising your Renown: Criminals to 5).

Fortunately, there are many such cards available:

Standard Frequency:

Infrequent Frequency:

Very Infrequent Frequency:

If you arrange to to be eligible for most of the above cards (and keep your deck fairly trimmed) it won’t take long to gain Favours: Criminals.

I’m about to make my first expedition to flute street, how many candles should I bring? 2000?

This may sound daft but where do I find what profession I currently have?[li]

Ahhh it’s OK. I found it. :)[/li][li]

I currently own a suite at the Royal Beth which provides me with a 5 card deck.

I also own a lengthy lease to premises at the bazaar and a brass embassy guest room for the purposes of relicking. Would upgrading either of these lower level lodgings provide me with any material benefit now that I have the 5 card lodging?

No additional material benefits if you already have a 5-card lodging.

One 5 card lodging is the same as another, so no.

I’m spending a month in the Iron Republic for Science and Profit.

I’m at Changed:82 and since Changed:50 it’s constantly been 50 CP per level, whereas before it was X CP per level (e.g. 6 CP to Level 6, 42 CP to Level 42).

Does anyone know if the CP for Changed increases after Changed:50?

All pyramid-based qualities caps out at 50 CP needed for each level when you reach level 50.

Only the main stats (Dangerous, Watchful, etc) have a steeper pyramid where it caps out at 70 CP needed for each level on reaching level 70.

Thank you very much!

Connoisseur of Neathy Delights: This quality just… been there, sitting quietly. Almost nothing lowers it, caps soon.
Well, it opens all kind of options, the highest I can remember is gaining tears of Bazaar and M_____'s B___D at level 7. Is there anything beyond that? Why does TTH lowers that quality if above 10? Anything gained if above 10? Someone checked it the last year or so for changes?
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Notability mechanics: Does BDR have any effect on whether notability is maintained when TTH healer comes? Or does my MW need to be above my notability no matter what to keep my current level?

your BDR doesn’t change anything when Time, the healer comes.

your BDR doesn’t change anything when Time, the healer comes.[/quote]

Thanks! Good to know in advance. I think I will let it lapse once I’ve changed my profession, then.

Just became POSI, and I’m a little confused about getting my first point of notability. I have 19 MW, 7 points BDR equipped, and yet there doesn’t seem to be any options on the Snowcake’s card to get the first point? What am I missing? [li]


Have you got an entry in Slowcake’s Exceptionals or the option to buy one on Slowcake’s card.

ahh, I must purchase first? Shoot, I definitely don’t have that much money…

Thanks for answering my question tho!