Weekly Fallen London Questions, 31/07/2023

Here’s this week for quick Fallen London questions and answers!

Now that the waters have calmed a bit, what do you think about Zeefaring boots?

  • the alternative is a Whitsun item which costs Pennies/Fate and I have other items on my list
  • I have spare Memories and a big backlog of unplayed ESs
  • The other items from Mr Chimes’ aren’t that great; yet at least
  • I’m only at part 2 of Evolution and getting Zeefaring to 7 will take some time, but this story is next on my list. I’m almost done with Marigold content!

While writing this it seems that I should get the fancy boots, hit 15 Zefaring and blast some Starved Men! :smiley:

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I’m considering spending my Estival tokens on the peacoat for much the same reason. I regularly take a good number of Zeefaring checks that are less than 100%, especially with Piracy near the Khanate & Snares so I feel like I would get some long-term use out of them.

It’s mostly a question of opportunity cost, I think. New items were added to Chimes just recently, so I would expect it’s a long time before we get any more. If you don’t see anything else that tickles your fancy for those Memories, then go for it!

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My take too on this matter! So boots it is!

The scandal item is good too, but I have spare for that too. The cat outfit can wait.

Spamming multiple places… tight race!

Trying to get all clues, but there’s some work involved. Thankfully, Written in the Glim was a short and great story; especially with everything going on now. But here are my questions:

  1. Does the Tentacle key actually need 70-80 AP to get? Travel → first carousel to 11-13 for quality → reset to 3 → carousel back to 9 or so → get back to London → resume Evolution

  2. If I only finished part 1 of Evolution and only missing the key, how many AP do I need to get to Irem and get the clue from there? Some people said that it can be done in less than a week or even faster.

  3. Do I really need just a few AP invested in Upwards to get the clue? :)

  4. Regarding the final clue, how many AP do I need if I didn’t even unlocked the story. It’s in the Mangrove College and requires some cycles or something to get it.

  5. If we stop advancing the event and try to get more clues, what’s the deadline of this?

My plan is to get the key, start piracy to get that clue, get the one from Godfall and Cecil during Evolution, culminate with Irem + fancy destiny and hopefully draw Becalmed for a fast trip home and to the Boatman for the clue there. Oh, and with spare AP and board meeting finish a Campaign in Parabola and a fast visit to Nadir. Doable? :) Any extra tips?

If you spend all your actions on Evolution, I think its doable within a week. I completed it from beginning within 3 weeks in my own tempo. But you need to check wiki to avoid mistakes and optimize AP spending.

From Discord, about Searching for clues:
George FBG — 02.08.2023, 19:23
“This stage will probably be active (i.e. not progressed past) for a few days. But that’s an estimate! As with the rest of the event, people will be able to stay in this stage longer than that, even if it is (up to a theoretical limit post-event).”

Thanks! I’m almost done with the Key and I will depart on second part tomorrow. With some luck I will leave for Cecil in the evening to optimize my time away from London.

I wonder what this is!

That sounds like a thoroughly miserable way to play through a story. But maybe I’m just uniquely averse to time pressure. I’d already been debating whether I wanted to play through 7 stages of Parabola War to flip control of the dome.

Can be, but I’m taking the time to enjoy it; got the key and finished part 2. And I really am because it’s a great story! I did the same last year with the Hurlers and I was amazed by it too!

These events actually help me go through content that I keep delaying. :smiley:

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With gear, I can achieve the following secondary skill levels. Each one is achieved independently not at the same time as some other skill.

  • Glasswork = 13
  • Kat Tox = 15
  • Monst. Anat = 15
  • Art. Red Sci = 12
  • Mithrad = 11
  • Player of Chess = 11
  • Shape Arts = 9
  • Zeefair = 11

With the items that can be purchased with estival tokens right now, I can increase any of these except Shapeling Arts by 1. Which do you think is the most important to raise? What secondary skill is most challenged by the game?

I don’t know what second skill is most challenged, but I always prioritise zeefaring because I spend a lot of time at zee. Mithridacy is useful for a check when you put skulls on headless skeletons. I favour KT right now because I play Heart’s Game.

Have you also considered your main stats? I am getting the belfry hat for shadowy and war helm for dangerous this summer - both strict best in slot items.

Best in slot, but only a couple of points better than much more easily obtainable items, and two or three points in a main stat isn’t a big deal. One point in an advanced stat is a huge deal. Definitely don’t waste your one free pick on a main stat.

For the record I chose to boost my Mithridacy so I could 100% monograph checks without having to get the mood. But I didn’t do any deep analysis; I just asked myself which one I wanted more.

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Yes, very much agree with above if you are only picking one free item.

I am opting for mithradacy boost too, but spending extra fate on the hats. The seasonal events and festivals are always fun on a player level, but I also regard them as fundraising drives for FBG. It’s a personal decision obviously and depends on your circumstances, but for me I appreciate their efforts at making these things enjoyable, and don’t mind throwing them a few quid by buying one or two items as a goodwill gesture.


Thanks folks. My maximum possible main stats with items (each achievable independently) are:

  • Watchful = 302
  • Shadowy = 312
  • Dangerous = 311
  • Persuasive = 325

I am a non-Fate player but had 10 estival tokens left from last summer so I have 40 total tokens. I only get to pick one item (or two if I choose two that each costs only 20 tokens).

I have never played Heart’s Game and have just been grinding “Business of a LIcentiate” to gain scrip for a Hellworm. At 4.2 EPA, this seems a reasonable way to grind scrip since I gain rubbery pies, biscuits, and other things that can be sold for scrip.