Weekly Fallen London Questions, 31/01/2022

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!

I need a Favor: Criminals

I’d like to continue: Make Your Name: Tomb of Seven, Archaeology is 1, as far as I can see the only way to raise it to 2 is to Seek a Thieves’ Cache, but it doesn’t show up, I assume, because I don’t have any Criminal Favors. I looked at the Wiki, and I don’t seem to meet the requirements for ANY of the ways listed. Is there a way to move forward here? (I thought this was supposed to be a beginning/entry level quest…?)

Usually favors come from opportunity cards, but you can get a few at the carnival. Criminals are under “The Sideshows”. That will only work until your Renown for the faction is 5 (i.e. five times)

Favors mostly come from opportunity cards. There’s a full list at Faction: Criminals - Fallen London Wiki (but it actually skips mentioning the most obvious one, https://fallenlondon.wiki/wiki/The_Alleys_of_London:_the_Criminals , which has no requirements of any kind).

You can also force-draw that card once per week by using the Favorable Circumstances that Time the Healer gives you each week.

If you haven’t used it yet, you can go to the carnival and get a few criminals favors using https://fallenlondon.wiki/wiki/The_Sideshows .

Thank you - Alleys of London sounds like the only option I have access too, I should be able to unstick myself!
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What’s the most efficient way (EPA-wise) to cycle The Airs of London? I’ve always gathered souls in Spite at around 1.8epa (as a spirifer) but I imagine with all of the expanded content the last year or two there must be something a bit more effective.

Do you happen to have The Censored Census of 1862? Weapon slot, I believe given by a Mask of the Rose-related access code. Its Use option is the best Airs-cycle option available.

I do have it, and had no clue that it had a use! Thanks, that is indeed better. After the Feast I shall have to check all of my belongings, who knows what new content has lain hidden these many months!

My favorite way is brawling for Crate of Incorruptible Biscuits in The Blind Helmsman to gain Hinterland Scrip.

Thanks, I’ll have to check that out again as I haven’t brawled in ages. If the individual brawl steps cycle the airs and you can enter/exit, that might be perfect, but generally I’m looking for a single-action method. Will take another look at that one!

I accidentally leaked the coordinate of the Nadir cave to a stranger who happened to be a spymaster from the Surface. Shouldn’t have taken that glass of Strangling Willow Absinthe. Can I undo this?

Unfortunately there is currently no irrigo weapon capable of erasing people’s memories of the Nadir, and as a result it’s not possible to undo

Yeah, well, some of us accidentally leaked it to the Devils, so…