Weekly Fallen London Questions, 30/10/2023

Here’s this week’s thread for any quick questions you don’t want to create a whole thread for.

Is there any benefit to visiting Hell after you get the special gloves?

When does exceptional friendship roll over? I thought it would be at the end of the month or when subscriptions reset but neither happened,I just wanna know when I’ll have more votes and access to a new backlog story haha!

There are a few things on different timers, and they’re also different for each player.

  • New Story and also rotating which back-catalogue stories are available: last Thursday of the month. Same for every player.
  • Exceptional Friendship,which recharges your Action Refreshes and lets you unlock new back catalogue stories: Every 30 days. The cycle depends on when you first became an Exceptional Friend. On Desktop, this is visible underneath your Action and Fate counters (see screenshot below). Not sure about mobile.
  • Votes in the House of Chimes and their associated boons: If I understand correctly, voting is reset by a four-week Living Story. It was released on Tuesday the 10th, so if you played it at that point then you’ll get the next one on the 7th. To my understanding, the voting (in this case, to name the body) is what’s on a timer, while the kickbacks remain available until the next round of voting. This can vary by player depending on when they voted, although I suspect most of the playerbase is currently correlated.


Should I contact support then? I didn’t have that unlocked on the 26th, I upgraded and selected my first month story much earlier (I think the 13th?) but can’t access the next one I was going to choose, which rotates this month so even if I were okay not getting the primary perk of exceptional friendship I’d prefer not to miss it haha!

Alright, so this is a bit confusing. If it helps, I’ll invent a resource name called “backlocks” for “Being able to unlock a back-catalogue story.”

The thing that updates on the last Thursday is the slate of which 6 stories you can spend your backlocks on.

The backlocks themselves refresh when your subscription renews. As per the screenshot, my subscription has 24 more days on it. I got a new backlock 6 days ago when it renewed. I will get a new backlock on November 26th (unless I’m making an off-by-one error). The slate of stories will cycle on November 30th.

It sounds like your Subscription cycle just hasn’t renewed yet since the 13th. How many days does it say you have left in your current subscription?

It did :c I upgraded my subscription on the 13th, but it renewed on the 22nd… So 20 days left. It feels… like I should receive a story for each time the exceptional friendship is charged though, right?? That feels like what they said??? I’m very confused here, sorry if I’m just being stupid and not understanding.

Alright yes, if you spent your Backlock before the 22nd then you should have a new one.

So if you go to the Fate tab, what happens? For me, it usually takes a little while for the thingy to load that lets me pick a new back-story. Like there’s just nothing on the page even hinting that’s a thing, until a few seconds later and it pops in and there’s a big purple button. Maybe there’s a loading issue or network error.

But yeah maybe reach out to support@ at this point.

I sure did! I spent it that day hahaha!

This is what I see. I’ll reach out to support!!

Does anyone know which story this quality:

belongs to? I sure can’t place it at all!

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I don’t have it, and I can’t find it on the wiki, but my guess is that it was caused by a living story. I would look over your messages tab, and also maybe check your Lodgings for a new storylet. I’ve also thought of some things that it might be caused by:

  1. Being a Paramount Presence
  2. Being an Exceptional or Extra Exceptional Friend
  3. Having backed a Failbetter project on Kickstarter or the like. (I don’t really think this is it, but you never know)
  4. Society Renown 40 (again, I don’t really this is it, but you never know)
  5. Knight of Hallowmas? (also probably not it, but it fits with the Aristocrat thing and it is Hallowmas.)
  6. Having the Recalcitrant Sculptress (she is an aristocrat, and she does have associations with feathers).

If you find anything, let us know!

Thanks for your work, but I can pretty much rule out everything you listed for the account in question.

Of course, I have no idea when this quality appeared - it might’ve been there for months, or it might be entirely new. I did check back at my Exceptional Library whether I’ve got any leftover Exceptional Stories, but there’s nothing either.

This account has in fact not been subscribed for 2 years. The last ES they played was A Crown of Thorns, and before that, Reunion. The Aristocrat thing would definitely fit with Reunion, and in that story some envelopes were delivered - but none of them stuffed with feathers.

I’ve also checked the Messages tab as far back as possible (88 days) and didn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

Does anyone else have this quality? It’s under “Stories”.

I have the quality too. It’s linked to 2018’s November ES A Little Pandemonium. Not sure why it isn’t cleared (I definitely finished the story), but it’s presumably not doing any harm. Spoilers below for context:

While attending the spectacle, you can mingle with the Aristocrats for a clue that something might be “afoot”:


Ah yes, that fits - A Little Pandemonium was definitely played on that account. Thank you!

It’s funny how some Exceptional Stories leave all kinds of odds and ends lying around, while others don’t leave any traces at all.

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