Weekly Fallen London Questions, 30/08/2021

Quick: questions!

What rhymes between material descriptions do you know?
I mean the rhymes in meaning, not poetry, of course.

I know of two:

  1. Bengal Tigress (I have a tiger. Do you have a tiger?) and Extravagantly-Titled Tigress ((I have a tiara. Do you have a tiara?)
  2. Impossible Theorem (This is so. This is not so) and Immaterial Material (This is fabric. This is not fabric).

Anyone knows other ones?

How do you get to be Port Carnelian governor? My alt just POSIed up and found the foreign office, but it appears to be a carousel that resets. Does she need to do it multiple times, or buy a ship, or get to next level POSI or what? (Just a hint please, no big spoilers)

Go through the &quotA Name Signed with a Flourish&quot persuasive path and you’ll get there

Done that! Kicked out of court, been to the tomb colonies, returned, found the foreign office, went round “working towards a foreign posting” once… but now what? It just reset.

Hmm I think you just need to do the carousel more specifically after that, by finishing it with &quotThe manifestation of promise&quot storylet
edited by Emma DeLeskie on 9/4/2021

If that particular ending doesn’t come up immediately, then you do need to do it more than once. It’s a long time ago, but I remember that as being pretty grindy. And you do have to sail to Port Carnelian, but nobody minds if you arrive in a rust bucket.

Do you have to have your own ship already to see the story option? I haven’t yet. I was saving up for something better, but could buy the rust bucket if I have to.

A Manifestation of Promise apparently comes up as soon as Working Towards a Foreign Posting reaches 7. But there are two other options that provide dosh, so maybe you chose those, and maybe I did, too, hence the recollection.
From comments elsewhere, I gather it is not necessary to have a ship to see that option, but you do need one to go off and be a governor. There’s no ferry like, e.g. to the Festival or Polythreme.
I remember in my ship-buying days being advised to take the cheap and cheerful option because that opens up the zee regardless. These days, the ships’ features are highlighted more than they were back then (speed, for instance). But successful zailing is still a case of getting to know the cards and (more recently) learning about the various zee areas and how to get from place to place without dying or going mad.
I did the latter several times recently despite my posh vessel.
Of course, you may still want to wait and save up for character reasons.
NB didn’t you mention recently not yet having gone to the Nadir? Now that’s a brilliant place, IMO way, way more entertaining than either the FO or Heartscross House.

Spoilers for Ealing Gardens and Parabola

I’m undecided whether to return my honey mazed bear to the urchins. Will he be mistreated if he goes back. Will I ever see him again or have a chance to get him back, or will that be it.

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He’ll escape again, and you’ll be sent to retrieve him again, and the whole experience will become almost comforting in its comical familiarity.

Oh ok, that sounds fun. I’ll give him back then - thanks!

It’s the Pinewood Shark that offers no options once you catch it.

Thank you, this was the answer I needed!