Weekly Fallen London Questions, 29/08/2023

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London questions!

Can someone correct me if I’m wrong: if I can 100% the Khan’s Heart checks that don’t rely on base stats (so any of the advanced stats or of BDR ones), I don’t need to pay attention to Taimen’s Attention since it doesn’t change their difficulty, and since I won’t ever fail them I won’t damage my front either. Have I gotten it right?

Taimen’s Attention ain’t got nothing on you if you have the right kind of outift and the right skills. The Khaganian Intrigue guide on the wiki has a section dedicated to “guaranteeing success” which details the conditions you will have to fulfill in terms of stats (be they main, advanced, or BDR) for it to be completely safe to do any carousel in the Khanate. Note that since every intrigue in the Khanate uses the same mechanics, you don’t have to worry about ever changing an outfit that works ever again. Also note that however high your advanced stats and BDR are when taken individually (outfit centered around1 stat alone) you will still need an outfit that combines at least an advanced stat with a BDR stat to be able to ignore Taimen’s Attention, since you cannot switch outfits within the intrigue area of the Khanate.

Oh, I have such an outfit, and I’ve been using it for a while now. Hence my saying I can 100% all of the non-Taimen’s Attention-scaling checks.
So in this situation, I suppose I can safely keep doing intrigues no matter what my Taimen’s Attention is, correct?

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Yes, that is correct. It does not matter how high Taimen’s attention goes as long as you can 100% all checks in a “day” (cycle of 12 actions to progress the intrigue).

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It’s even easier than that. Not every check against a main stat is affected by the Taimen, only a handful do (at different times depending on stat). My Khanate outfit uses Shadowy in the Evening when Attention doesn’t matter–it only affects checks in the afternoon, when I can use Bizarre instead.

My outfit revolves around Glasswork and Respectable, leaving out any of the main stats entirely, so I don’t even have to try and keep track of what is affected and what isn’t.
I was afraid that if Taimen’s Attention reached a certain level, it would mean an automatic doom for my front, à la level 8 menaces in London. But since that’s not the case…

Another quick check of my comprehension: am I correct in assuming that once I’ve obtained the Amber Ambassador’s Seal, there’s no real point in doing the Starved Embassy weekly storylet anymore? As in, there’s nothing new after this point?

Well, aside from the incredible profit, no, not that I have seen.

I’m guessing taking the Extraordinary Implication option every time since the gift appears to be random?

That’s what I’m doing. The tiny scandal increase is easily manageable.

I’m still relatively new to the game… I think. Anyway, I’m about to set out into the Unterzee to gather research for getting back into the University. I’ve gotten all the items I needed for the Sneering Gentleman (I think that’s what it was called?) storylet and did preparatory research in my Lodgings. Is getting passage through the Iron Republic the continuation of this?

The Iron Republic is a more or less standalone area - you don’t need to have unlocked passage there to be able to carry out a scientific voyage

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It’s a simple feature request.

I hope we can have a visual indication of which is a ‘safe’ port, and which isn’t, on the Unterzee navigation map.

‘Safe port’ = Resets Troubled Waters to 0.

I would go further and suggest that docking at the ‘non-safe’ ports marginally reduces, but not eliminate, your Troubled Waters.

Have some reward cards which are dependent on the accrued Troubled Waters menace. Balance the risk-reward dynamic during Zailing.