Weekly Fallen London Questions, 29/07/2019

Does going into exile to the Tomb-Colonies reset &quotInspired&quot, &quotCasing…&quot and so on?

No – you just go straight there (no zee voyage). Qualities associated with Knife and Candle would be reset if K&C were active, but it isn’t.

Doesn’t seem to be new.[/quote]
So I had just gotten lucky until now! Good lord, why does failure and being caught by devils give you romantic notions? I hope they are inspired by the archaeologist, not the devils…

Thank you!

Can I get Waxvail Knife?

With K&C inactive, it’s impossible to earn the tokens to purchase a Waxwail Knife, or to take them from other players. Hopefully it’ll return someday. Feducci’s replica lance has equivalent Dangerous but can only be acquired during Hallowmas with Fate.

Or during Hallowmas after two years (after Watchful Virginia’s gift and Shadowy next mayor gift will be new Dangerous gift).