Weekly Fallen London Questions, 29/05/2023

We all have questions. If they specifically relate to Fallen London, this is a thread where you can ask them!

Am I seeing things or has there been some slight upgrade to the game’s interface? I can’t really put a finger on it, but… everything seems so much… crisper and clearer. The colours! The contrasts! I’m loving it!

:edit: Oh well, it seems to be mostly the effect of the new image optimization function in my Opera browser. Still funny that no other website is benefitting so much from it!


I play a lot in Chrome on a mobile device and a few weeks ago I ,too, noticed that the location-specific image above the storylets list is crisper and more detailed. I can make out windows in the towers of the Khanate or details in the shape of the Bazaar’s spires now.

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Is there any way to reset an in progress fate locked story? Fate tab looks like it only lets you reset fully completed ones but I have one from 2016 (The Persona Engine) that for reasons unknown I never finished and now I can’t for the life of me figure out what I need to do next to progress…

No, that’s impossible. You can only reset the finished story.

The quality tracker for this story is called “The Forgotten Forgery Cases”. If you look that up on your Myself tab and tell us what it says, we might be able to tell you where to look for the next step!

Looking through my records, this was one of those stories where you had to chase down clues in Spite, Veilgarden & Watchmakers Hill, and then tie them together in a main hub storylet in Ladybones Road. Have another look in these places, maybe?

I am in the process of upgrading in my lab the last of my three Parabola war generals. Am I correct that upgrading a general in the lab allows that general to be used in ANY Parabola war campaign?

Second question - When using a lab upgraded general, does that general then qualify to obtain the reduction in difficulty for all main attribute challenges in the campaign? For example, if an option says that the use of the “snake” general reduces the difficulty of the challenge by 3 points per level of snake general, then using the fully upgraded snake general (3 levels) would reduce the difficulty of the challenge by 9 points. However, could ANY level 3 general be used and still obtain this 9 point challenge reduction?

There are some Campaigns that allow Generals and some that do not. None of the 3-stage campaigns allow a General, for example. But a Level 3 general can be used on any campaign that allows a general.

The general’s bonuses get bigger but not broader. A fully-upgraded Snake General will lower its relevant challenges by 45, but will continue to have no effect on challenges impacted by Chess General.

Note that the effect is multi-layered: if you designating the Principle of Hollows as your general, then the hidden Snake General stat is set to 5x your Principle of Hollows attribute, and then challenges are reduced by 3x that. The net effect is that the difficulty of impacted challenges are reduced by 15, 30, or 45 as you level up your General.

psgarak, Thanks for the explanation. You say a challenge is reduced by 45 for a fully upgraded general. Does this mean that, for example, that with the general who helps with Watchful challenges, that a challenge which was previously a Watchful 250 challenge would now be a Watchful 205 challenge?

Yes, that’s exactly correct.

In the wiki entry “Parabolan War (Guide)”, in the section titled “Epilogue and Lasting Effects”, there is a sentence which says, “Other differences can be seen in the Viric Jungle and a certain house in Wolfstack Docks.”

To what “house” are they referring? I do not recall ever seeing a special house in Wolfstack Docks.

It only appears after you finish the chess parabolan war campaign


And notably, it disappears as soon as you start another campaign. I didn’t find out about that thing for months because I would usually start a new campaign right after finishing the old one.