Weekly Fallen London Questions, 28/06/2022

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London questions!

How’s everybody getting accustomed to the new forums and the old messages containing old markup?

Seems like there’s less usage, but maybe that’s only in my head.

I think the new format is a definite improvement. Nothing huge, but several nicities add up to a better experience. The one thing I miss most is signatures, but the mouse-over profile info comes pretty close.

It’s a bit fiddly though. The default view on mobile is something I can’t seem to make happen on desktop.

As far as usage, I feel like there was a big dip in activity before the switch-over. E.g. there were a few times where the Weekly Questions thread stayed up for two weeks because there were no questions! I think the forums are up a bit since then, but I can’t quite tell if we’re up or down compared to six months ago.

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Hm, I miss the old page-markings. Entering a longer thread, you could just jump to the last page. Now, I have to doomscroll down until I reach the end. That does not feel like an improvement.

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You can click on the ‘Activity’ column on the main page, or the bottom of the scrollbar within the thread, to go directly to the most recent posts.


I’m definitely not a fan of the infinite-scroll. Otherwise, I dislike how everything FL-related is in one topic, rather than having Social Actions, etc. be separated. I find myself Muting topics since they can’t be sorted. There’s also a noticeable lack of posts in general, but not sure if that’s entirely related to the new forum or something else.

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You can use the tags menu to sort by categories - Gameplay for the old Bazaar, Speculation-and-Lore for the old Salons, Make-Contacts for the old Singing Mandrake, and Fanworks for the old Fabularities.


The second round of Profession Activities just landed, for Monster Hunters. For those of you (like myself) who want to switch professions to play it, start by becoming a Rat-Catcher from the Docks faction card. Thank goodness for the weekly allotment of Favourable Circumstances!


Who was the first round of Profession Activities for?

Silverers, about a month ago.

The new MH specialisations sound quite nice :) Hierarch of the Hunt and Teratomancer (teratology - the scientific study of congenital abnormalities and abnormal formations).
I wasn’t expecting to be this difficult to choose, but FBG made both appealing. Do I understand correctly that these specs can only be changed?

I am having difficulties re. the marked crate from Station VIII. I only ever seem to have the option of opening it in Station VIII. If I take it along to London, I can’t locate the storylet to exchange it for all the various products required for the church.
Where is Pinnock? Is the exchange on the relicker card? Or was it only an option the second time around?

You can only collect it in Station VIII, and it can only ever contain Halcyonic Tonic or Fillip of Effervescence. Collecting goods in London is a separate option with a separate range of materials. The storylet to meet Pinnock is called ‘Station VIII: A Courier’s Meeting’ and it should appear anywhere in London, provided you have a Collection Note from Station VIII.

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Thank you. Okay, I see now what I neglected to do.

I’m not a fan of the scrolling either, and I don’t like the look of the forum on my screen. Maybe it works better than the old forums for those accessing it on mobile? I’m also finding it more difficult to locate the threads I want for some reason. I’m not using the forum as much - reading or posting - not a fan. Maybe I’ll get used to it eventually. The one thing I do like is the Reply box - that is a huge improvement.