Weekly Fallen London Questions, 28/02/2022

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!

Is there any way to know what skeletons the chap in the Khanate will buy?

Any advice on the best way to liquidate assets so as to qualify for Preparations - Fallen London Wiki ?

No good in-game way, no.

The Wiki updates with that information automatically. And it’s possible to peak by bookmarking the actions as Plans, and then checking back. But you would have to tag a plan for each possible value (or at least the ones you care about).

Standard advice is to sell everything and buy Rookery Passwords, since you can sell those for nearly as much as you paid for them

I have urchins renown 41 but no way to reach Mind of a Long Dead God. I’ve been there before which seems to have decimated my stormy-eyed stat. The wiki says I need Having Recurring Dreams: What the Thunder Said 15, Stormy-Eyed 19 to return. I have 20 of the former but only 9 of the latter.

Do I have any other route except to boost stormy-eyed? If I must, what is the best way to do it? The wiki has several suggestions, but I’m looking for the cheapest and most efficient, if there is one. Do I really need to take a long sojourn on Mutton Island?

That’s the one. But starting from 9 is going to be a very long stay. IIRC, I needed to go from 17 to 19, and that took long enough. Maybe find other things to do with Urchin favours in the meantime?

Meantime? With WtTS at 20 already, I think the time for waiting for cards is over. Mutton Island or bust.

With the new Zailing system, resetting the carousel by zailing Mutton->Mutton will get you back to the beginning quicker than finishing it. That means fewer actions spent not raising Stormy Eyed.

I think I still haven’t fully wrapped my head around how close-by some things are with the new Zailing rework. You used to need to plan your whole week around any voyage, but now anything in Home Waters is literally three actions each way. It’s feasible to just hop over and listen to the wind a dozen times if you find yourself with some spare actions in the afternoon.

Unless it suddenly, randomly turns up in the Rat Market or something, the only way to obtain the Veils-Velvet Scrap is via the relicker card offering it for 3200 certified scrap, right?

There is not another way to obtain it.

Which is quite a different thing to say than that it can’t be obtained.

It’s part of the Steward of the Discordance storyline at the Hurlers which is not on the Wiki.

Thank you all. I visit the Khanate frequently, but I will definitely do some circuits round Mutton Island each way. It won’t be the longest grind I’ve ever done.

That honestly really does seem a good way to do it.

For some reason when TtH came around this week, I didn’t lose any Making Waves. This happened on two characters who had MW. Am I alone in this?

It also happened to me. I think it is because all leftover masquing was converted to MW this week, but I may be wrong.

That’s interesting. Pretty sure I had spent all mine, but I might be wrong too.

I definitely had none, and Making Waves stayed the same. Sounds like a bug. Perhaps the “MW increased by Masquing” effect happened instead of the “MW cut in half” rather than after it like usual?