Weekly Fallen London Questions, 27/05/2024

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London questions and answers!

I know it a) is probably still too soon, and b) has been asked before, but are Night Whispers still the go-to at the Court or is there something that has a better return on investment?

Nothing obvious. In another thread Searing Enigmas were thrown into the ring, which can be “converted” into Ribcages with Bouquets of eight Spines, roughly at value, which you could then profitably use on bird week’s to increase your gain. But whether that is even more profit than just selling the Enigmas is… I want to say doubtful, but I actually have no idea, so… maybe? Sourcing the other ingredients for the Ribcages is probably the most important factor. Thorned Ribgaces could come from Hell Favors in Jericho, Skeletons with seven Necks from Balmoral or the Butcher at Ealing Gardens. The Nodules are weird. If you have a dedicated accomplice, fighting off the Guttersnipe looks very efficient, if you slight anyways. If you don’t, then being a Highwayman or the Lab are the promising options?
And filling the skeletons requires even more material.
I lack the skill to crunch the numbers on that in a reasonable time frame.

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WHAT is the point of this story branch? I’m genuinely asking.

Because it is the single least meaningful, or impactful choice I could possibly imagine… and it doesn’t even make sense that’s it’s my choice to make.

“Is your double perfectly happy having no agenda of its own because it just is… or because it wuvs its WEDDING CRASHED SHOTGUN SPOUSE so vewwy vewwy much? Act fast.”

You’ve definitely already seen narrative choices where it’s you, the player, making the choice, rather than your character. Like, to employ a plausible hypothetical, ‘Who is at the door? A: Your Aunt, B: The Knuckle-Scarred Inspector, here to arrest you C: February, here to recruit you’. Your character has no control over who is ringing their doorbell, but you do.


It’s a purely roleplaying question, to acknowledge the player’s individual idea of their character’s personality (or that character’s double, being derived from them)


Yeah, but there’s no actual difference and zero room to actually roleplay.

“Are you perfectly happy for no coherent reason whatsoever, or because you conveniently fell in love at first sight with someone you were actively conning?”

(And the decision is also freely reversible. Making it extra meaningless.)

Is there a comprehensive guide on the profitability of the Hinterland opportunity cards? I am spending a lot of time in the hinterlands converting things to scrip and wondered if flipping cards there could actually suit my needs better than flipping in London.

Maybe it’s there and I missed it, but it would be nice to have a record of which ES we’ve played/bought? I know there’s the outcomes on the Myself tab, but those aren’t separated out, or marked with a star, or whatever.

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Go to the FATE tab, and click “reset stories”. That shows you every ES you have already played.


Awesome, thank you!

And all shall be well and
All manner of thing shall be well
When the tongues of flames are in-folded

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I wanted to check before I work towards one: does the Boxful of Intrigue carousel remain open after completing one of its endings?

Yes, it does. It’s entirely outclassed by almost every other grind you unlock later, (though it wasn’t always!) but you can keep doing it as long as you like after getting an ending.


Anytime know when hearts game seasons roll over?

I believe last season change was on May 7th, so best guess would be Tuesday, June 4th.

Hello, yes, what can you find in mangrove college, exactly? Like, from a mechanical standpoint? I’m probably going there anyway because I’ve never been there before, but I wanna know beforehand.

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There is a Fallen London Wiki that might be of help with telling you what you ask about the Mangrove College.

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I am aware, however, I prefer to ask the forum because I like the company.


Mangrove college doesn’t offer much to non-Fate players, just a decent way to grind Solacefruit and Extraordinary Implications through storylets (as well as an Acquaintance quality, if that’s to your taste) but for only 25 Fate, (a pretty good price for what you get) you unlock a fairly extensive carousel involving creating new philosophies that has a great deal of different rewards and choices to make.