Weekly Fallen London Questions, 26/10/2020

Don’t think so. See https://fallenlondon.fandom.com/wiki/Menace-affecting_items for menace-affecting items generally.

Seems FB listened to you: there is now a new (3-fitting) option in helicon house (in the new mirror room) if you have a false-star

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This may also be revised when FBG does the reward update they’ve mentioned. I’m personally hoping for more Light Fingers content in Helicon House.[/quote]
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edited by Scona on 10/30/2020

I set aside my bone finds from track laying for later, but now that I’d like to nab some bones cannot figure out where to get them.

I’m not sure that you can call them up on demand. If you use any option that grants more discoveries, you’ll be taken back to the storylet where you can spend them, including saved reserves. Generally the easiest option is one of the Excavation-related cards from one of the later stations. You may need spare Bone Surveys to be able to use those options.

Thank you for the tip! I haven’t had time to check out the new Helicon content, what with the Hallowmas and all, but I intend to enjoy it soon.

Sweet, thank you PSGarak! I didn’t know we could get excavation cards at the later stations, after setting up the stations I’ve just been leaving them and grinding that bear at Ealing, I’ll have to check out cards out there.

My quick question is "Did I manage to post this?’ Tried posting something on the Railway thread and it refused to go through. Well, I’m about to find out.

Apparently the railway thread is so big that posting gets buggy. My experience is that the Quick Reply function is more reliable than the full reply composer.

Are there any good non-skele ways to get bone fragments?

I am not sure if it is good but you can get Bone Fragments, like 1,200ish, from Digs that let you divvy up the spoils in Evenlode and Station VIII. I find Skellies more efficient though.