Weekly Fallen London Questions, 26/09/2022

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London questions!

Is there any penalty, like loss of attributes, when you’re sent to the Tomb-Colonies because scandal reached level 8?

Scandal seems too hard to manage right now, so I’m considering just letting it get to level 8 and lowering doing some tourism.

Create an alt character/account using a different email address. You can pretty easily manage scandal by just:

  1. Traveling to “Your Social Engagements”
  2. Select the option “Attend to Matters of Persuasion and Scandal”
  3. Select the option (can’t remember the name) to have another player help you with scandal. You must have scandal of 3 or greater to have this option available. Select the player name of your newly created alt. Do this maybe 10-20 times to build up a stock of scandal reducing options.
  4. Log into your alt account and look in the “messages” tab. Here you will find the 10-20 opportunities to reduce the scandal of your main character. Do this as many times as is necessary to reduce the scandal of your main character to the desired level. Note that you will have to refresh the browser in which you are viewing your main character to make sure it accurately reflects the scandal reduction.

Hope this helps.

The main penalty is Quirks. You cannot return from exile while keeping both Austere and Hedonist above 10. It’s up to you whether that’s a problem or not, I know some players make it a priority to keep both of those stats high. Personally there’s one that I’m quite OK losing.

Semantic Mediawiki does not identify any primary stat loss in the Tomb-Colonies. I’m honestly a bit surprised, coulda sworn there was a way to lose Peruasive.

If you do decide to accept the quirks loss, the Hedonist may be the one to protect if you like to go for the option “I myself am my only true friend” on the Square of Lofty Words card (for the second chances). Otherwise, it’s a lot of indulgent nights out with your sweetheart.

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I’ve been accumulating excess rubbery pies via Correspondent professional activities. Is there a decent way to convert rubbery pies into scrip somehow if you don’t have a pie stand at Ealing Gardens (other than just selling to the bazaar and buying brass skulls)?

I have a post office at Ealing at the moment which I find useful for reducing suspicion. Although my long grind to reduce my jail record to a familiar face is nearing an end - only about 14 dispensations to go - so I could switch to a pie stand after that. But I have Ealing Gardens fully developed so presumably that would be costly, and maybe a counter productive waste of scrip.

Funny how I’ve probably thought about that at some point, but not about actually doing it. Thanks for the tip.

I’ll avoid doing it, though, as I feel it would make things too easy for me. I’m trying to make in-game contacts to help with menace reduction, so let’s see how it goes.

I’ve been consistently choosing the more exciting alternatives, and they normally bring harsher consequences, so I’ve been thinking I either tone it down a little or embrace some of them.

But now I think making an alt could be interesting to play the game in a different, more role-playing, way.

Thank you! I checked the immediate consequences of being exiled in the wiki and found nothing of the sort. But hey, maybe there was something hidden there or along the way, so no harm in asking, I thought.

Can you tell me a bit more about this Semantic MediaWiki? Can you point me to any resources on how to use it? It sounds useful.

Writing more documentation for Semantic Mediawiki is something that I keep putting off. The existing documentation for how it’s used on the Wiki lives on this wiki page.

For this particular task at hand I wrote a custom query. I started with with actions from cards/storylets in Disgraced Exile, which looks like [[From Card/Storylet.Located in::Disgraced exile in the Tomb-Colonies]] (note everything is caps-sensitive). I refined this by looking for main stat loss by adding [[Loses::Persuasive||Watchful|Dangerous||Shadowy]] as an additional condition, and nothing came up.

I did a sanity check to looking for a drop in any quality via [[Loses::+]] (or exclude Scandal with [[Loses::!Scandal]]), and then adding Loses as a printout to manually inspect qualities which can be dropped while in Exile. Lots of Scandal, Nightmares, and Quirks, a few items and favours, no main stats.

Oh, so that’s how all those lists are made. Thanks, this should be useful.

There is one option, although I doubt anyone would knowingly pick it. I don’t know why it doesn’t get scooped up by your search; something about it being an autofire, maybe?

Good catch, and yes it’s about it being an auto-fire. I was looking for losses From something Located in Disgraced Exile, but auto-fires are Located in that place directly with no From relation.