Weekly Fallen London Questions, 26/06/2023

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!

Now, I’ve had a little peek at the wiki about the end of the Evolution storyline, to make sure I get to play each of the possible endings on at least one account. That’s where I saw that giving your final report to the Implacable Detective grants a near total wipe of Nightmares, Scandal & Suspicion (plus 7x Favours: Constables).

To make the most of that, I’d need to get these menaces first, though. While there’s all kinds of unprofitable ways to raise them, I’d like to know whether someone could point me to some really proftable grinds or carousels which increase these menaces on the side? I normally avoid stuff like that, so can’t really think of any myself, but I’m sure there must be some out there. On the Upper River maybe?

I’d really like to get Nightmares, Scandal & Suspicion to 7 each and then run to the Detective and make my report! :smiling_imp:

Scandal can be increased by riding a saddled :hellworm: Hellworm, but I don’t recall you being in the Club. Both Nightmares and Scandal can be increased without bound by cashing in Unwise Ideas in the laboratory. Suspicion, perhaps by attempting very advanced Cover Identities?