Weekly Fallen London Questions, 26/02/2024

… before said confusion, there was a plan to celebrate the turning of the century - in hindsight of course misguided as it turns out that the century did not turn after all.
citizens could donate for this grand feast and because this was quite a good source for valuable favors and the card turned up fairly often, probably a lot of preparations were generated. his Amused Highlyness is now trying to get rid of all the wines clogging up his cellars & is offering them via calendrical confusion - as I gathered until his stocks are depleted and the counter reaches zero.
(plus each option on that card generated multiple cp whereas each time someone buys surplus whine it only takes up one cp, so it makes sense that it took longer to buy the wine back)


…I didn’t know it was the players that provided the Preparations for a Vast Revel and therefore are now just undoing everything because 1900 never came. That is hilarious.


yep! feelings were a bit mixed when they initially introduced the card bc like, wait you told us to make the number go up and now we just have to undo all our hard work??? But preparing for a vast revel was profitable and calendrical confusion has several handy options so. In the long run I can’t bring myself to complain


Oh I’m not complaining at all, as mentioned it’s quite useful. But that ticker’s going to hit zero eventually, and hopefully something happens (that’s not too world-shaking).

Plot twist: when it hits 0 the next City will Fall on top of London