Weekly Fallen London Questions, 25/12/2023

Happy Sacksmas, everybody! Here’s the final quick questions thread of the year. :)


Does anyone have the admission requirements for the House of Chimes? I think I may have made my choice before I sided with my current faction roleplay wise and might want to reset.

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A question about the 3 monthly action refreshes in Enhanced Exceptional Friendship:

If I subscribed today, do I have to use them before the end of December, because I get 3 new ones on January 1st?
Or do they last four weeks from the moment I subscribed?

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The action refreshes reset with your Exceptional subscription. So do the Story refreshes, which puts them out of cadence with how the stories themselves refresh.

At this point there’s three or four different monthly-ish cycles related to subscriptions.

  1. New Exceptional Story, updated on the last Thursday of the month.
  2. Exceptional Stories available for replay. I am told these update on the last of the month but I haven’t verified myself, it would be a lot simpler if they match cadence with the Exceptional Story.
  3. Enhanced subscription benefits, i.e. action refreshes and story restarts. Updates when your Subscription renews, every 30 days, different for each player.
  4. Voting in the House of Chimes. Updates every four weeks, although many of us are roughly synchronized to when it came out.

Thank you. Indeed, that seems like a bit of an over-complex system that could do with some streamlining.

And here I thought they update on the first day of every month! I’ll keep a close eye…

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Here’s one:



(btw, I’ve very much enjoyed this story-line. One of my favorites, certainly!)

Now that there are no more elections, are there uses for a Notability of over 7?

Notability 12 is needed both to change POSI specializations and to claim London’s Innards.

I believe there’s a few niche choices but it’s mostly those, and of course for prestige.


This is a slightly cheeky answer, but Notability 8 lets you buy a Favourable Circumstance and keep 1 point of Notability so you can force-draw the Amanuensis right away to grind your Notability back (if you instead drop from 7 to 0 Notability you have to wait for the Card organically to get that first point back). This isn’t a very useful loop unless you want to force many Cards in a short period of time, such as forcing urchins to show up so you can buy their snow if you needed an uncommon amount of it.

Notability 9 also lets you 100% the Surprise Package check if you’re still looking for a Blemmigan Secretary. It’s out there… somewhere…


Sorry if it is really obvious, but is there a new 'Day 4: What’s the Angle? 'story option that costs fate this year? I have a bit to spare but looking at them I can’t remember which ones I’ve done before.

Edit: Never mind. Looking at my companions it seems I haven’t done the Ratty/Criminals one, so let’s go with that, shall we? :slight_smile:


No new Sacks Investigations going forward so that players can finally “catch up” and play them all, if they want to. The role those additions filled is replaced with the Mr Treats items which similarly reward a thing and have a few actions scattered around the month, but theoretically aren’t limited to one per year (it’s limited this year because there’s only 1 thing).


Does anyone know of a easy way to get favors: society, other then opportunity cards? And, more importantly-do any of you know of a way to get a seventh favor? All my cards so far go up to six.

The wiki has a page for sources of Society favours! Also, the cards don’t only go up to six - those options are available if you have six or fewer favours, which means they go up to seven.

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Oh! Couple o’ things: firstly-the wiki really does have anything, ah? Such a shame that I can barely navigate it to save my life. Secondly: for some reason, I always forget that there’s hidden options the game isn’t showing me at the moment. Don’t know why, frankly. so thanks for the help, buddy-it helps alot.

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