Weekly Fallen London Questions, 25/09/2023

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London questions and answers!

When helping out the rats far beneath the Blind Helmsman, does which rat you pick affect anything at all? I’m not really understanding the purpose of this choice.

(I’ve found this is a pretty good place to level my alt’s abysmally low Shadowy, as you don’t get menaces on failures.)

It seemed to me when I was messing around down there that it only changes part of the flavour texts, whether failing, passing or cashing in.
I could very well be mistaken, mind, but I did at the very least pay attention to it at the time.


It seems the same to me.

I do not believe your selection of rat makes any difference other than some possible text differences. As for why you have to make this selection if it makes no meaningful difference… It is so you use more actions.

The game exists solely to read text. The Blind Helmsman exists so you can read some new text more quickly. Since you’ll have to do it a lot, having text differences is great!


Perhaps for you the game exists solely to read text. For me, I skip most of the text.

About the weekly bonus of preferred quality and type associated to the Bone Market: do they apply to The Trifling Diplomat? Like, he might be out of the loop since he’s not present at the market.

I feel like to stick with this game you have to enjoy both the text and the interstitial game of “collect things and make the numbers go up”. The exact ratio evidently varies from person to person (or even month to month for each person).


That is completely fair, by saying solely for text I was exaggerating a little bit (okay, fine, a lot)


The Trifling Diplomat has his own mercurial preferences, completely separate from the Bone Market’s fads