Weekly Fallen London Questions, 25/07/2022

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread. Please ensure that all your questions are of archival quality and suitable to be placed in a museum exhibit!

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I have Mirror-fed 23. After it helps to trigger the Parabolan war against yourself, does getting it higher do anything else?

Also, I’ve just done the ‘Jack-of-Smiles has expanded his interests’ storylet in Watchmaker’s Hill and there is no option to get the commission to do it again. Time the Healer has just passed for me. Do I just wait for it to come round again, or is there another way to reset the Jack story?

Getting mirror fed up high doesn’t seem to do anything else.

I have a quick question - what’s the quickest way to raise scandal by a few points? My hedonist is not high enough to make out with the counterfeit John the Baptist head.

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Hi! Scandal can be raised to 4 with help of someone by social activities (“Use someone as your dupe”) in 2-3 actions, and there are 4 items (Bohemians Renown item, hat and boots from bazaar, and weapon from Advent Calendar 2020 or from storylet in Bazaar Side-streets). I think you need to get to Tomb Colonies to get the some clue? For me this was the quickest way.