Weekly Fallen London Questions, 23/11/2020

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!

Any news on the planned legacy content for Fallen London?

I’d understand if there wasn’t but I’m always so excited to ask. Excitedly!

But that’s all I can think of. Anyone else?

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You mean New Game Plus?


Yah, I’ve been excited for it ever since reading that article. It sounds awesome!

As we’re creeping up on December (sorry to remind everyone!) I was wondering if anyone knows whether you can still use the advent calendar while at Zee? Based on last year I would think so, but I really don’t want to go all the way to the Court of the Wakeful Eye just to come straight back!

The Advent Calendar could be used absolutely everywhere, even NORTH … and I hope they don’t change that!

Since devs are changing some cards I wonder will ‘a deviless’ serenade’ be changed. It’s one of the most useless ones I know.

I’m currently an Exceptional Friend but for some reason I cannot see the start of the “Upward” Fate Story. I see that it can be bought right now but I thought I acquired it when I became an Exceptional Friend for the given month. I’d let my status lapse earlier so I don’t know if that could have affected my access.

Upward isn’t an Exceptional Story - it’s a separate story that always has to be bought for Fate, whether or not you’re an Exceptional Friend.

Oh, okay. That sort of confused me. Thank you - I know I have a ton of fate stories to catch up on, so I need to add that to the list.

Anyone have suggestions for the best way to collect Esteem of the Guild? There’s so many ways to get it, but all seem to rely on items that are annoying to grind.

Memories of Distant Shores are fairly easy to get in bulk through side-conversion. Dock favors are the cheapest option, but obviously they’re restricted to one use per visit. I used a combination of the two to become a Doctore.

Dock favors are most expensive, because the real value of each is 4.2 E.
Memories of distant shores are most convenient, because you can get a lot of them in Bone Market with good EpA.
Best way is to switch to Crooked-Cross and use exclusive artefact option.

You can start the story “Upwards” by going at the bone market. You’ll find it there. I already went up there in my ambition and, while I also don’t have the Fate necessary to buy the thing, don’t desire to go back there. That place gave me Nightmares.

I think I agree. I’ve been to the ceiling twice, and am in no great hurry to see it a third time. Ghastly place. I’m pretty busy down below right now. This one can wait. It isn’t going anywhere.

Haunted by Stairs: The card said that I have to go to the Tomb Colonies to make progress. Well, I went there, and came back without finding anything regarding the HbS-Storyline. What did I probably miss?
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A whole bunch of the cards in the Tomb Colonies have a new HbS option.

Which ones, specifically? If I’m gonna sacrifice my Austere I wanna know what I’m getting out of it.

I must attend to an (impossibly) small matter in the Iron Republic and it has been a couple of years since my last visit. I seem to recall that you can increase Hedonism there, but does anyone happen to know whether Hedonism is also reduced under any circumstances? I’m just above that hard-to-recapture threshold of 12 and if I’m likely to lose some CP I figure I might as well cash out what I have on Parabolan Orange-apples rather than waste it. Some of the existing IR guides out there advertise that they are outdated with respect to Hedonism effects (capping mainly), so I thought someone here might have more recent experience from which to draw. Thanks!

I’m still pretty new to the Iron Republic but I think there is a risk of reducing Hedonism if you fail one of the challenges there. That said, I could be wrong.

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