Weekly Fallen London Questions, 23/10/2023

DID YOU KNOW today is 23/10/23 - a perfect palindrome! A palindromic date only comes around ONCE EVERY 10,00 YEARS. LIKE AND share for more aesthetic dates content!

That is to say, here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London questions!


What’s the fastest and most reliable way to raise Seeing through the Eyes of Icarus from 23 to 25?
Besides, I won’t play with broken toys, and I don’t want to have fire sermon dreams, either.

Does anyone have the echo for getting A Member of the Order of Those Who Will Not Be Caught Red-Handed? I got it last Hallowmas, but that was before I got in the habit of journaling all the important stuff and I would like to read the text again.

Check out Timothy of Kent’s echoes from November 8 2021 for two echoes related to the visitor that grants that affiliation (order of those who will not be caught red handed)


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Hallowmass is my first experience with upgrading companions. Am I right in thinking that I can protect my Araby fighting weasels from Plagued by a Popular Song by giving them cover identities as Ermine Assassins? Or does their original coding matter more than how they stack in my inventory?

Mechanically, an Ermine Assassin is a completely new and different companion, and the Araby Fighting Weasel you once had no longer exists, and the Ermine Assassin is not targeted by Popular Songs, similar to other special weasels. In universe, you still don’t have to worry, as the Ermine Assasin is too jaded and independent to do what the song tells it to do.


Thank you for confirming, this sets my mind at ease.

Can anyone think of a reason why my two alts (played on Firefox andChrome) can see and use the Hallowmas storylets, but my main (played on Safari) can’t.

I play on Safari and everything is fine. So presumably it’s not strictly a browser thing.

Are you hiding your Fifth City Stories? Or do you have a plugin that might be hiding them?

Aarrgghh. Yes. Ouch.