Weekly Fallen London Questions, 22/08/2022

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!

Good morning! I have a question about, let’s say, the lore of Knife-and-Candle.

Do we have any description of how the game was supposed to go? Like, was it a one-on-one duel, which each player holding a knife on one hand and a candle on the other? Or did each player hold only a knife and a candle rested in the center of some arena? Was the any other goal other than stabbing your opponent? These kinds of things.


Anyone know how to enter that Fate-locked labryinth magical animal-crossbreeding story? Last time I checked the action was on an Opportunity Card, but I was wondering if there was a more solid, less chance based way in.

There’s the card and this option when speaking to the Clay man: The Secrets of Beasts (20 FATE) - Fallen London Wiki.


Thank you! Don’t know why I couldn’t find it before.

Pretty much all the lore we know of is collected here and of course here. If you read through the descriptions of the three major fighting styles, I think the whole Knife-and-Candle thing shouldn’t be taken too literally?

All the content I can find (and that I remember) was extremely vague on what exactly was happening in the fights. I guess it was left to the players’ imaginations.


Thanks for the info. I’d read the second link, but I didn’t know the other, apparently lore-focused, wiki. I shall use it sparingly.

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Can anyone confirm-is the next Dilmun Club instalment on an actual timer, or can you draw a card for it? Just got to the “In due time, the Dilmun Club will contact you again to discuss your findings in a more official capacity – and to debate the Youthful Naturalist’s funding” part and not sure if that’s a wrap for the day or if I’ve just been unlucky with the deck.

That’s the current end of the story. We’re all waiting for the next part!