Weekly Fallen London Questions, 22/07/2019

'tis the toothy-tooth, and time for the asking of questions!

Do we know what the Duchess thinks of weasels?
Obviously she likes cats and dislikes snakes but has she expressed an opinion on any other critter?

There is the Saharan striped weasel (or polecat), which lives throughout North Africa and was present in Ancient Egypt. S/he’s a fluffy little beastie:


This… is a perfect answer, which I will cherish.

Another question then: how many Tears of the Bazaar would you have to hoard to keep a Noman alive when the time comes?

[quote=Jolanda Swan]Another question then: how many Tears of the Bazaar would you have to hoard to keep a Noman alive when the time comes?[/quote]This is a summary of Noman weekly melt rates in 2018. If you’re trying to keep one alive until the Feast, you can use this to figure out how much melting is likely to occur and then determine what margin of safety you need to be comfortable.

A generally accepted safe range is 350-400 NF (as a note, I ran the IroNoman with a lower-than-safe range and barely made it so, it’s still possible). Taste of Lacre converts to NF at a rate of 1:3, which would mean that this is around 83-100 ToL extra. Tears provide 6 ToL on average, but this can be supplemented by the pails of snow obtained normally through the season and those bought from the urchins.

Oh God, this is… way too much. No, I think I will find another way to have my heart broken this Neathmass. Thank you!

It’s worth noting that the items for Pails of Snow are much easier to get than they used to be, enough so that by my math they’re superior to Tears. Last year I used 25 Pails to be absolutely safe and had no trouble.

Aaaand I am back to tempted. I have Night Whispers and Storm Threnodies galore, so I am guessing 25 is doable - I have everything else I need from Neathmass (2 5-card lodgings, Direful Reflections etc.)25 Pails is definitely within the realm of possibility.

Does the number of eyeless skulls in one’s possession affect the odds of their cards coming up?

I am going for a classic story, and seems I miscalculated the amount of Trade Secrets needed. Do I remember correctly that I can use the Detective cards to grind Case notes?

Compilations of Case-Notes can be used for 2 Potential each without limit, so yes, that’s an option if you still have any detective case left not yet played.

Personally I’d prefer to wait for the next Trade Secret though. Since the Election stopped including investigations other than Flash Lay, the Case-Notes are now too difficult to come by and too precious in my hoarder eyes, not worth losing them for such miniscule amount of Potential.

True, but if I wait for a Trade Secret in the meantime I cannot write pieces at the Palace, which would cause a whole other slew of issues. Really, no idea why they truncated elections so much.

Is there a good way to increase university favors while being kicked out? I need nobility 12 for a certain candle and I don’t really know the best way to go about it other than converting

  1. University is still on connected:benthic and connected:summerset qualities. Not favours. This is a small nit, but it coincidentally means that you are not capped to 7.
  2. What do you need university conversions for? Collated research? I think you can get that more conveniently from … one of the wilmot’s end carousels, I think?
  3. If the end product you really want is notability - and therefore you are grinding making waves - just sideconvert your tier 3 items. This does not cost any favours/connections. (it’s the cycle where you pay 50 of one 50pence item to get 51 of another 50pence item)

@xKiv oh ok! my way of grinding making waves was usually to upconvert cryptic clues, which is what I needed the university connections for

Is it possible for TtH to move backwards? I was absolutely certain I still had about an hour or two, only to find myself with my MW halved.

Why did I just get the old Jovial Contrarian “Mayor of London” card after Virginia was appointed?

It takes a few weeks after election for the new mayor card to be implemented and the old one to be removed. In-story explanation is that they are adjusting to office.