Weekly Fallen London Questions, 22/05/2023

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London questions and answers!

I’m drawing a blank there: does selling items at the Rat Market cost actions? I swear I should know this but I genuinely can’t recall.
Just to know how I’m going to spend my weekend.

Yes, selling NWs will cost 1 AP. This means there’s a soft limit of ~500 which can be sold: 144 * 3 (days) + 40 (kept before start) + 10 (Linger card) + 10 (another Linger) + 10 (Aunt maybe).

I’m still beating myself because I used the Linger card on Monday! First time I use this early is the time I forget that we have NWs. Not only that, we have NW+Diamonds weekend! :smiley:

Welp, my Invitation to Linger drops on Wednesdays so that’s only of those, and I’m not an Exceptional Friend so that’s another 20 down the drain.
And it’s not like I plan to use every single action of every single day either…
I’ll need to do some calculations seems like.
Thanks for your answer!

If you’re close to Hurlers, where you convert Diamonds to scrip, my advice is that you do! The SPA is just too good to miss out. You can use the AP you would normally use to grind scrip for something else.

Unless, of course, you have some vanity/important card grinds which can’t be speed up.

Ahahahah thank you but I was planning on doing just that! I’m an endgame player, with my Railway long since completed. The inconvenience here is that my Report from Khan’s Heart is on Sunday afternoon, so it would mean spending a little over 20 actions going back and forth across the Zee.
Then again, it’s not as if the EPA is comparable in the first place. Or Script per Action in this case, considering this’ll go towards my eventually getting a Worm.

That’s only profitable if you are passing by or need to visit the Khanate. Otherwise, the EPA is quite low for an endgame player.

I’m grinding Airags (and ultimately Tears) so it’s a good excuse to get out there and vary burglary with a little piracy (no literal burglary involved).

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One of my characters is exploring Balmoral for the first time. I would like this character to obtain/vote in September as the Castellan of Balmoral. This character has met September, gone back to London to meet the privy counselor and then the unyielding highlander. I believe this last step sets “Opening Balmoral” to 5. This allowed me to return to Balmoral and “Have a quiet word with September” which sets “A friend of September” to 1.

It appears to me that in order to raise “A friend of September” to 2 which is necessary to vote him in as Castellan, I must have access to “Into the moonlit woods”. However, the “moonlit woods” are only accessible when I have voted in a Castellan.

This appears to be a catch 22. In order to vote September in as Castellan, I must have access to the Moonlit woods which require there to already be a Castellan in place.

Can anyone help me out with how to get September as the Castellan? Thanks.

You can change the castellan later. You’re right, you can’t have September as your first castellan

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