Weekly Fallen London Questions, 21/09/2020

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!

Is this a question thread? Or are the real question threads the friends we made along the way?

Doesn’t matter, as long as these threads are fine and these friends are delicious.

Hi! I am working on my Shadowy and am currently at A Name Whispered in Darkness 5. I was feeling stuck, so I checked the Wiki and found that the heist I need to embark on is the records office in Concord Square. However, when I go to plan a heist, it doesn’t show up for me (the other heists do though). Is there a reason for this? Other than the Name Whispered in Darkness requirement, is there another story I must play first? Thank you!

I 'm planning to build the 3rd railway station and wondering which route to choose, Thirsty Grasses or Monkprince Hills? The new economy always confuse me.

I believe you need Master Thief 5.

I’ve just taken a short look at the wiki. As far as I see this, you can go either way and then invest scrip in order to unlock the missing option.
/edit: It might be questionable if the unlock is really worth the unlock, but on the other hand, in the long term it’s just a question of actions/time invested.
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This unlock costs a single steel and a handful of scrip.

Thanks for the replies!
According to the wiki, Thirsty Grasses route is cheaper to build but you’ll get nothing but worker’s stress, while the Monkprince Hills needs more material but gives no worker stress, plus a little bonus worth about 100 echoes(?) each time, seems not worth it though.
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mhh… depending what else you can build in evenlode, you could require a very big hand. The formula for the cost is the same as in earling.

If my calculation is right (OK my calculation is wrong, now I’m not sure about anything), Palaeontological Discovery is much more valuable than other rewards, but it’s hard to tell which route is better in economy aspect.
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Hmm… in that case, what about going the palaeontological route and using the stuff you get there for scrips? With the earned scrips you can then unlock the other option later on.

According to the information I’ve read in the wiki (I don’t claim to be right here, I just arived in jericho yesterday), you can’t lock yourself out of options. Unless I’m wrong here, the real question would be, which route provides you the necessary ressources to unlock the other part faster.


could someone please give me a small overview of what I should know while exploring jericho?

I’m somewhat twisted here. I don’t want to check up the wiki in order to get some useful information combined with alot of spoilers, but on the other hand, I’ve only got like 20 sworn statements left (sold alot because I wasn’t expecting I will need them in bigger batches after HD Ambition :/) and don’t want to waste them.

Well, there is usual amount of building. But it is all about scrips, so … well, usual.
Two main things here is about your position in Gondolier Guild and about one particular Gondolier. For guild you want to visit 6 different locations, which will make you Doctore of a Guild. Each visit costs Esteem, 5 or 10. 2 locations will require you to pay 5 (lower river, group 1), 3 - to pay 10 (upper river, group 1), 1 more is accessible while doing Gondolier quests but still requires 10 esteem. After visiting location find Doleful Poleman - he will raise your rank in guild.
Visiting locations may be tricky, because you can’t choose exact target with each of groups - just the group. It isn’t much of problem with first group - there are only 2 options. After getting at least some rank you will be able to travel not just to group, but not-to-visited place. So after first getting, say, Persephone, you can travel to Not-Persephone, which will for sure be Fiddler’s Scarlett. But there is 3 locations on upper river, so even when you visited, say, Eversmoulder and Cedar Woods, you will be able to travel to Not-Eversmoulder (Cedar Woods or Octagonal Tomb) or Not-CedarWoods (Eversmoulder or Octagonal Tomb). With some amount of RNG not being in love with you you will be still getting already visited place. 50% of a chance.
Be warned about Gondolier questline. People, who betrayed him to Guild, had problems with access to his location (Sere Palace) and couldn’t become Doctore.
Doctore gets 60% discount on travels (3/6 of Esteem respectively) and can choose exact location to travel.
Easiest way earn Esteem, in my opinion, is Sworn Statements and Memories. I personally have enough of Sworns, being Correspondent - and there is a Skeleton for Memories.
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An option was added so that it’s now possible to get the highest rank even if you betray him.

Still, be careful, because it’s way to easy (IMO) to betray him even if you don’t want to, just because of the way the options are placed.

Thanks, that should help.

Now I think I just have to invest my time in Arbor by grinding Sworn Statements, in stead of Favours.

Should I grind shark remains into fins, or there was a gint at another use of them (perhaps, later)?

Question asked in September’s ES thread: is this new that we have to play each month’s ES in the month? I was playing the September ES – was in the middle of it yesterday – and today it’s just disappeared. Bug report?

Edit: checked my journal: there are two echoes for the Epilogue which I would swear I hadn’t played myself. Could I have been playing while actually asleep??

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Bug report: they’re supposed to be available indefinitely after you unlocked (started) them.

Thanks, I think I will, that’s what I thought too. Although on double-checking my journal I might have actually been asleep while playing the Epilogue, who knows. I swear I have no memory of doing that at all.