Weekly Fallen London Questions, 20/02/2023

Here’s this week’s thread for Fallen London Q&As!

Is there any plan to make extra Christmas items from the Advent Calendar sellable? I already made a dedicated post about it, but I am very curious to know if it would be possible to remove duplicate items, like with the Meticulously Altered Stocking.

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You can always file a support ticket about it. Some people wanted to cast out Virginia’s pillbox from their inventory a few years back, and it became sellable.

But there is a danger with making items sellable which cannot be replaced easily (or at all). I think they tend to make such errors impossible when they can.


Nobody wants three or more identical Christmas favours, though. I ended up not playing the Advent Calendar on some days when I became aware that the goodie was a repeat.
Having said that, I believe the stocking is worth its weight in shrieks. I’ve sold off a couple in the past.

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They can always make it into a Christmas storylet that requires 2 or more to exchange 1.

Or let exchange any quantity, but with a warning similar to the Census Taker badge with The Lady of Lilac.

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