Weekly Fallen London Questions, 18/01/2021

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!

Under elemental secrets, it personifies the Earth. Is the Earth alive in Fallen London? Does it have a personality or is it not sentient? She has shame at least accounting to the secret.

That’s the only tidbit on that matter.

Ah. I was hoping there was more to that information/story.

When you mark a crate in the factory at Station VII, is there anything you need to do to get the option that isn’t the tonic, or is it just RNG? I have four tonics now and what I really want is the other thing.

Edit: Never mind. After six tonics I finally got the fillip! :)
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Alas, it’s RNG, as far as I’m aware.


I’m on the way to Station VII, but after the first part of the tracks, certain problems with Furnace occured. Are the 2 options for the board meeting the only ones for solving this issue, or are there other ways, that I just haven’t noticed jet?

You can turn the lackey to your side before installing him as a figurehead.

Is there a way to jump to the very beginning of your journal?

There’s a square between the arrows (it’s almost invisible on my phone). Clicking on it brings up a calendar. There’s no indication of when your first entry is, so you might have to do some searching.

That’s still really helpful! Thank you!

Huh? was there a recent change in jericho again, or is my mind tricking me?
I think the “Watch a Parade” option had a cost of 3 favours in stead of 5.

Yes. Docks favours were nerfed. MoDS option was buffed. Crooked Cross option was nerfed, but is still better than anything else. Also minor nerf to Percephone.


Im currently really thinking about which favour cards I still use. Renown is at 40+ for most fractions, the london options for trading in the favours doesnt feel worth it anymore (2.1 epa vs 2.5 just for traveling with the railway) and I right actually only rarely draw cards at upper river.
With the Parade nerf, I would still have to calculate again, but the fact that there was a nerf already feels like a bad sign.

Memory of Distant Shores + Sworn Statement option (Provide news from London). Now gives 2 Esteem, but requires 40 MoDS and 2 SS. Little less expensive, less actions. Love action part specifically.
Was surprised by this today as well. Got 6 favours, decided to pay fast visit to Jericho - and that what I have.
FBG most likely know, what they do, but previous prices never looked that much of an OP.