Weekly Fallen London Questions, 17/10/2022

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London questions.

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Are you ready for Hallowmas? We’re probably a week away from it!


How do you spend your Trade Secrets? Getting the items (and maybe cashing them out) or boosting attributes?

With my Making Your Name stories coming to an end, I wonder if such boosts will become much rarer.

I’ve only ever taken the goods. It’s a way of spending actions if I’m short of time in RL. Though since it’s 10 a pop, the TS do tend to pile up.

I’m the sort of person who finishes a game with a bag full of consumables “because what if I need them later”, so the idea of needing a Trade Secret and having to wait a whole month to get it has led me to an (almost certainly) overcautious supply, “just in case I need them”:
That said, I did use a bunch of them to get better odds on a few Classic Short Stories because, again, “what if I need these later.”

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Hoard them in case FBG adds a nice vanity thing for a big number. :slight_smile: Nothing at 77 and I’m not sure anyone reached 100 yet.

I know someone has/had 2 more than me one year ago, but I think I saw over on Reddit someone that had quite a few more than me. As of now, there’s no vanity in sight.

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I forgot we can use them for creating short stories. I’ll start keeping one at hand for the case I either need it for that or for the cash, since they only come in every four months.