Weekly Fallen London Questions, 16/04/2018

Does anyone else have a lot of lag when drawing cards?

How does one gain Ruthless?

Yep yep, I’ve been having it on and off since yesterday.

This might help.

Yes. I didn’t notice unusual lag in card drawing last night, but I’m sure noticing it right now. It’s taking MUCH longer to draw a card than to discard one, or do other types of actions.

I recently solicited a duel I knew I would lose because I wanted to increase my dangerous and get my wounds to zero before heading back to Venderbight. (This may or may not have been a particularly sensible strategy, objectively, but the time before I forgot to deal with my wounds before I went away to get shot at, and I do like playing chess with the Boatman.)[li]

Thx for your response, string!
A lore-related question: I have sort of befriended a Minister of Enigmas, and he says something enigmatic while we have a tea:

&quotSad, to see it all wind down. But they served their purpose. We should be so lucky.&quot

What does he hints on? Seeds in a hookah? But this snippet is gave as valuable piece of revelation. Does he means a more subtle subject?
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Hello all: my exceptional recurring account was terminated this month -I just re activated it? What going on?!?

Were you subscribed through the app? It’s being retired this month.

In any case, this sounds like a matter for support@failbettergames.com

Seems that I have a rat problem, more exactly, I want to care more about the rats!
Thing is, as many other, I have concluded the problem with Big Rat by making an alliance with him; even if I hadn’t finish the story, A night-time conference locks very early! At this stage, the only option to increase Sympathetic about Ratly Concerns is this Watchmaker’s Hill card.

I see that the Big Rat can be betrayed, side with the White Rat just to get another card for the desired quality. Looking at the costs, the first option costs only 5 Fate while the second 30.

I see the Wiki instructions, but can someone confirm that Albino Rat reset takes me to Seeking the Meaning of the Plaster Face 10 which doesn’t help me or does it reset the WHOLE story and be able to unlock A night-time conference?

Or are there any Fate options to increase this interesting (or not) quality? Cheers!

EDIT: And does anyone remember how the Handsome Lad with a Healthy Appetite was obtained? There are so many retired parts/aspects of the game and I think I history log must be made! :D
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[quote=Skinnyman]EDIT: And does anyone remember how the Handsome Lad with a Healthy Appetite was obtained? There are so many retired parts/aspects of the game and I think I history log must be made! :D
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Per the most knowledgable candle around, he’s from the Knife-and-Candle game. Apparently–I love this–you had to interact with Mr. Eaten on Twitter to get him, or to kill another player in K-and-C who had one.

I am dying to know what role-play gymnastics people went through to justify that…

I have a question. Are there any menaces I should look out for in the Cave of the Nadir?

0 Nightmares to avoid the 3 useless cards.

Skinnyman, Albino rat reset takes you back earlier than 10 but not early enough to restore the conference, unfortunately.

Was hoping to not get this answer, but was aware that I might get it! :D Many thanks, mate!

Now, I just wonder why the ____ is so expensive compared to the lovely huge rat! 25 extra Fate just to hold the tiny white fluff, advance the toy’s story and… nothing more.

The place is b—dy full of harm, mostly rewarded by rich text only. I did 3 journeys on my own for the clarity of experience and then relied on wiki card list wholeheartedly.

More like the Nadir is rewarded by lots of money. The End of Battles gives 62.5 echo items, one card gives Dramatic Tension for the Collection of Curiosities grind (two cards with Long-Lost Daughter), and lots of other cards give semi-valuable items.

I mean yes, of course Nadir is a rewarding place, yet a lot of cards does only stat damage (and a creepy thrill), and it may count as ‘menacing’ of sorts.