Weekly Fallen London Questions, 16/01/2023

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London Q&As.

I recently got back into playing the game, and I saw a link that I didn’t remember, so I clicked on it. A constable showed up and said something about a dock being unmonitored. I foolishly forgot to record the text, assuming that something obvious would show up at Wolfstack Docks. It didn’t.
Is there a card I should wait for, or am I missing something?
I’m an Exceptional Friend, if that makes a difference.

That’s the entry storylet for the current Exceptional Story… if I remember correctly, the story continues at Watchmakers Hill?! (It’s a very out-of-the-way Dock.)

Wherever it is, it should be called “Stolen Stanzas: A Gentleman Stalker”.

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I used to be able to delete messages in game to “make room” for older ones to be visible, but that doesn’t seem to be the case any more. Are they just lost to the aether now? I have a hazy memory of a different mailbox, but that may have been retired at some point.

Looks like an update was made in this zone. There was an issue some months ago where the game was veeery slow because a huge JSON of messages was delivered instead of a trimmed one. Basically, every message was available if you deleted recent one.
Very cumbersome, imo, to keep messages for thousands of people over years/decades. Now it seems that only recent ones are available, but I can’t tell what recent means. Maybe someone from the staff will be able to offer us more details.

Did you try reloading before checking that the old ones show up?

Reloaded the page, reloaded the browser, loaded in a different browser, loaded on a different device, all to no effect. Now I’ve just got a short stack of messages.

Hm, yeah, I had 101 messages, deleted 2, reloaded, waited a day, loaded again … still 99. Definitely had a lot more older messages before. Now my oldest is 233 days, which doesn’t even touch what the oldest saved message I had was.

This must be recent, then, because in early November I responded to a few five-year-old social actions to see what would happen. (One of them was a betrayal, in fact!)

Messages that require a response seem to be treated separately as my Feast of the Rose gift is still awaiting receipt 354 days later, while my “Recently” stops at 45 days ago.